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St. Michaels Half Recap- 2015

St. MichaelsWell put another half marathon in the books. While this race was not a PR, Course Best or anything like that, it was fun! The half marathon course was completely revamped this year and the new course did not disappoint!

I headed out of town to St. Michaels on Friday afternoon with Laura and met up with Teen at our hotel. We decided to stay in Easton (about 20 minutes away from St. Michaels) like we did last year. Once we met up at the hotel we headed on down to the cute little town of St. Michaels to grab our packets and do a little exploring.

The packet pick up was quick and easy and we were on our way! We stopped in a few shops along the main road and eventually settled into the St. Michaels Winery to give a few different types of wines a tasting. While tasting we decided we would just stay in St. Michaels for dinner and walked over to Ava’s to jump on their waiting list. We walked around as we waited and finally after close to 2 hours we were seated and had a pre-race meal of wood-fire grilled pizza! After finishing up we headed back to the hotel and settled in for the night.

Surprisingly we all rested pretty decently which always helps on race day. We knew we had to be back in St. Michaels at the starting line no later than 7, so we set our alarms for 5:15 and were out the door around 6. We got to the St. Michaels high school plenty early to jump in the porta-potties before the lines got crazy. It seemed really quiet and we thought maybe not as many people had signed up for the race this year but right around 7:15ish things got super crowded!

starting line

The running festival featured a half, 10k and 5k with the 10k starting first. They took off shortly after 7:30, once the Boston Race Director, David McGillivray, said a few words!  Not long after the half marathoners lined up anxiously awaiting their start time.

startingBy this time it was already starting to get warm out. The forecast had called for 80 and sunny so we knew we would be in for a hot one! Close to 7:50 we took off and began our run through the downtown area of St. Michaels. The course took us back through a beautiful neighborhood that is on a golf course with a few water views along the way. During this part I saw the lead male runner with Ultra Runner, Mike Wardian not to far behind him. It was amazing to watch him run- he looked like he was floating along the course.

water shotAs I reached the half way point of the course I felt good. Because of the temps I had made it a point to stop at each water stop and get a little bit of water. I knew I would not be logging a PR at this point but I was enjoying the race, its sights and really focusing on each mile as I ran it.

The last half of the race seemed to go by slow for me. This was the new part of the course and while it was much more exciting than last year I think I just checked out! Not good when you still have 5 miles left! As I went through each mile I was ready to be finished and finally I saw the people lined up cheering so I knew the finish line was close by! I ended up finishing in 2:14 which was 2 minutes slower than last year but hey guess what- I finished 🙂

FinishersOnce I crossed the finish line I met up with the speed demons Laura and Teen and we began our walk back to the car. We all were ready to get back home to our little ones so we decided to skip the after party this year.

bib shirt mdealAll in all I really was impressed with the new and improved 13.1 that St Michaels Running Festival put on this year. As always it was a well organized event from parking to finish line party. I was glad I came back and gave it another shot. The course was well marked and had so many volunteers I could barely get over it! IF you are looking for a flat half –definitely check this one out!

Did you run or race this weekend? How do you deal with high temps while running a race?

11 thoughts on “St. Michaels Half Recap- 2015

  1. Ohhh, I love that tshirt!! Sounds like a great race, I’ve heard good things about it. Maybe I’ll have to put this on my race list for next year!


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