Sleep or Run… That is the Question

Wednesdays are usually my day to “sleep in”.  And by “sleep in” – I mean 6:00 a.m., at the latest.  This morning, my son had other plans in mind for me.  At 5:10 I hear the stage 1 “whimper”.  At 5:15, I begin to hear the stage 2 “whine”, which is then followed by the full out stage 3 “scream so loud the dog starts barking”.  I managed to get him before we entered stage 3.  After I got him back to bed 30 minutes later I stared at the clock….  What to do, what to do…???  My options include – (1) going back to bed, (2) cleaning (not fun, but needed), or (3) getting in a quick run.  More often than not, #1 is my go to option on Wednesdays; but today, I felt like changing it up.

Sound Asleep baby G
Sound Asleep baby G

Today I decided to hit up an early morning solo run.   The time change is finally on my side!  For the past several winter months, if I wanted to get a morning run in – it would have to be in pitch black darkness.  And let’s be honest, that is not the safest thing in the world to do.  So, I quietly sneaked in my bedroom, grabbed my pre-packed gym bag filled with clothes, and creeped like a stealth ninja down the stairs to change.   Now this part is important – there are few things you need to know about my situation right now.

  1. My house is OLD with wood floors. This translates into every step I take reverberating through the house via super squeaky floors. Literally, my floors are out of control.  If I roll over in bed, the floor squeaks. #buyerremorse?
  2. Baby G has super-sonic hearing. I think he should have been cast in the X-Men movies because if I take one step and hit the wrong “plank” – he is up. And by “up”, please refer to Stage 3 above.

So here I am, in my dining room changing, lacing up my shoes, ready to go brush my teeth before I leave… and Wait… What?  Oh NO?!?!  I LEFT MY TOOTHBRUSH UPSTAIRS!!!!!!

I am at a crossroads at this point.  Going back up the stairs to retrieve my toothbrush will, no doubt, release the beast (aka – wake up G).  However, not brushing my teeth?  That’s just gross.  I quickly check the video monitor – still sleeping….   I’m doing it.  I’m going out – funky breath and all.  I have always loved a good gamble, so here we go.  Let’s hope I don’t run into anyone I know.

Leg Hall Sunrise

I enjoyed my quick 30 minute, 3.5 mile run.  I probably could have run a little bit faster and farther, but of course I had to stop to take a selfie out in front of Leg Hall.  It’s so peaceful at 6:00 in the morning.

Leg Hall Selfie

I quickly looped back to my house thankful that I did not run into anyone I knew.  I saw one other walker out by Silver Lake, and tried as best as I could to hold my morning breath in as I passed her.

I felt great during my run, bad breath and all! I had a great pace and the weather was gorgeous.   Back at the house, everyone was still sleeping and coffee was brewed.  I grabbed a quick cup of coffee and packed my lunch.  I tip toed upstairs to grab my toothbrush, made it about halfway up – and Boom – here we go stage 3.  Let the day begin…..  But hey, at least I got my run in!


Do you run first thing in the morning?  Do you run solo or with friends?  More importantly, please tell me I am not the only person who has snuck out for a solo run without brushing?!?

4 thoughts on “Sleep or Run… That is the Question

  1. I would have done the same thing! Who cares if you have fresh breath when you’re running ;)? In fact, I always brush my teeth after I get home from morning runs. But, maybe I’m just gross?! I also run by myself, so no one has to smell my breath!


  2. That choice (sleep v run/yoga/gym/etc) can be the hardest!!! Sunrise, successful run, ending with coffee has got to be an awesome way to start the day before stage 3 with the beast! 😉


  3. Haha, this is exactly how it is in my house, and my kid is 3. I’m convinced he has some sort of radar that tells him when I’m leaving because I could literally not make a noise and he knows and gets up. My hubby hates when I run early in the morning 🙂


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