Hot Mom Check-In: Jessica Crandell

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How many of you missed your weekly hot mom check-in last week? We know we sure missed spreading the Hot Mom Love! The good news is that we are back at this week with another dose of Hot Mom material! This week is one of my favorite people in the whole world. She is sweet, funny and ALWAYS SMILING! It is amazing! She is another one of my husband’s childhood friend’s wives that I pretty much took over as a Running Friend. So no more rambling from me– here she is!

Start out with a little bio about yourself. Tell us about your family, job, any community programs or anything else you are involved with.

Hi! I’m Jessica Crandell! I have a wonderful husband and an amazing 2 year old son! My husband supports all of my crazy races and long runs… he even meets me during my long runs with extra drinks/chomps and of course I steal some kisses from my son!


Family 2

I cannot stand all the cuteness in this picture! This little family is so stink’ adorable!  Jess left out the small fact that she was a college cheerleader and a elementary school teacher. Even after teaching all those little youngins all day she would still have a smile on her face!

What are your favorite fitness activities?

RUNNING…. hands down! Running makes me happy and keeps me sane! I get stressed out over the littlest things and running always makes me feel better! When I do the elliptical or other workouts  I just don’t get the same” happy feeling” that I do when I’m running… love it!

Columbia Iron Girl halfStevenson 5k

How do you fit your work outs into your everyday routine?

I’m a stay at home mom, so I feel very lucky that I have more time to spend with my son and that gives me more time to work out as well! My husband travels a lot for work, so my running stroller is my best friend these days! Thankfully my son enjoys it too! We just moved to a new area and there are tons of tractors and big trucks to keep him occupied (and I LOVE running down the back country roads!)

StrollerWe all know a stroller is a mom’s real running best friend! Seriously how do people live without a BOB stroller?

How do you stay so hot? What are your favorite fitness apps, equipment or class that you absolutely love and cannot live without?

I am obsessed with my Garmin forerunner.. she even has a name “big purple” haha! I track all of my runs in the app called Runkeeper!  It’s so nice to have all of my miles logged in one place!  I love that it tells you when you make a new record (fastest run, highest elevation etc..) I also think that signing up for races helps give me the motivation to run further/faster!  I have amazing runner friends who support me, give advice, and let me talk about running for hours and hours! They are the BEST!!!

OC 5k

Local 5k

St Michaels

Since you have become a mom, what is your proudest fitness accomplishment?

I ran up until the day I gave birth to my son (it was probably more of a waddle towards the end!).  Everyone thought I was crazy… cars would drive by and give me funny looks! I didn’t care.. it made me happy and I think it also helped me stay in shape for the delivery! I would have to say that my proudest fitness accomplishment is running 10 half marathons! I started running in 2010 and ran my 10th half marathon in 2014! It’s safe to say.. I’m addicted!

PregnantHalf #10So Jess says she has “retired” from halfs now that she ran ten. I had to laugh at her because she is a runner- you cannot retire from anything. I have already tried to convince her to sign up for a half this fall- I am hoping she commits because it would be weird to run Annapolis half with out her since I ran the other two there WITH her!

Annapolis 2011

What is next for you? Are you working towards a specific goal or running any races?

I’ve been trying to work on speed work and running 5K races faster. I have placed first in my age group a couple of times since working on this.. but I would still like to get faster (don’t we all?!) I always thought that marathon runners were crazy(being a half marathoner.. I was only HALF crazy!), however I had major race envy for those running the Boston Marathon this year and I think that sometime soon I would like to run a marathon!

Ladies and Gentlemen -watch out! She just said she wants to run a marathon and you know what happens when you say you want to run a marathon- you do in fact RUN A MARATHON! I cannot wait to see how Jessica’s running career transforms from her “half retirement” to getting faster in 5k’s and possibly running a marathon!

I hope you enjoyed reading this week’s Hot Mom Check-In and smiled as much as I did as I got to write about one of my original race partners. Hopefully you will see some pictures of us racing together again soon!

4 thoughts on “Hot Mom Check-In: Jessica Crandell

    1. I love Jessica! She is as awesome as person as she is in all her super smiley pictures! Glad you are liking the series! We are currently looking for other hot moms if you are interested in being featured! Just leave me your email address and I can send the questions over to you!

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