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Gifts for Your Mother Runner

Gifts for your Mother Runner

Kristen and Courtney have teamed up again to bring you yet another amazing post.  This time – we are dishing on all the fitness gadgets and gifts we hope to receive on May 10th – Mother’s Day!

But before we get into our list…. Let’s start out with some opining on that glorious holiday dedicated to moms….

Kristen’s Mother’s Day

It typically is just another day for me even though I have been a Mom for 2 years now. Hopefully my husband will read this post and he will knock it out of the park this year! I will let him off the hook considering I have spent the past two Mother’s Day working at a local restaurant that I have worked at for over 10 years- hard to spoil me when I am gone most of the day.

Courtney’s Mother’s Day

This will be my first official Mother’s Day.  All though, the record should reflect that I was pregnant last year over Mother’s Day – and despite my pleas to Jimmy that pregnancy counts – the day passed without being lavished with gifts.  Jimmy usually brings his “A-game” and lots of thoughtful gifts – so I am sure he will make my first Mother’s Day memorable.  And if you are reading this Jimmy – no pressure – but don’t let the readers of this blog down!

So with that – here are some perfect Mother’s Day gifts for your running mammas, wives, sisters, and sole mates!

  • Another Mother Running Apparel.  Check out this site and look at all the perfect “Mother Runner” things it has to offer. The books are hilarious (and true), the hats are awesome and the gift packs are genius! (
  • Sparkly Soul Headbands.  This one should come as no surprise as us Jonesin’ girls love our Sparkly Soul headbands. All colors, either size- we promise your mother runner will love her gift of a no-slip, full elastic headband! (
  • Girls Run Fast Race Tags– These are ADORABLE! The perfect little heart shape reminder of the finish lines crossed, miles logged and hours spent training that can go on any length chain. Maybe your momma already has a favorite necklace she wears? This little charm would be the perfect companion! (
  • Order Race Photos from a past event. Truth #1- Race photos are crazy expensive. Truth #2-Sometimes we love our race photos but they are just too expensive so we never buy them Truth #3- It would be awesome to get our race photos as a gift.
  • Sessions to a specialty fitness class like Hot Yoga or Barre Fitness. I used to love going to Hot Yoga until I realized it was totally cray-cray to pay my monthly gym membership PLUS play for sessions to go to Hot Yoga. Having a punch pass to attend these classes would be PERFECTION wrapped in a box (for me anyway).
  • New Running Shoes.   DUH! While I would NOT suggest going to the local sports store and buying the “best-looking” or the cheapest running shoes available what you could do is have a pampering day for the special mother in your life. You could treat her to a pedicure and take her shopping to find a new pair of running shoes of her liking!
  • Athleta, Athleta, Athleta.   I cannot recommend this brand enough!  Every woman wants to feel cute and comfortable while working out – and Athleta accomplishes both goals!  I would recommend the Chi Tank.  It comes in so many colors and two length options – regular or long – in case your mamma likes her derrière covered.  The Chi Tank is also “quick drying” after a sweaty session and contains “Unstinkable” technology.  I am not sure what exactly that is…. But I can attest that after numerous sweaty cycling classes – my chi tanks doesn’t smell!  Hallelujah!
  • Gift certificate for a pedicure.  You can never go wrong with a pedicure.  A pedicure gift certificate accomplishes two things. #1 A solid hour of Mommy alone time and #2 those toes will be sandal, flip flop, and beach/pool ready!
  • Entry to a race!  Is there a run the mom in your life has been dying to do?  Maybe there is a family oriented 5K or adventure race coming up she has gently hinted about?  Go ahead and sign her up!  Trust me – she will love the thought you put into scheduling something she loves.  One word of caution – Be sure to check the family calendar first!! You do not want to double book your sweetie! Need some race suggestions?  What about the Delaware Marathon Running Festival.  Lots of race distances to choose from, family friendly, and it falls on Mother’s Day -the perfect trifecta!  Check out our experience first-hand at the Delaware Marathon here *insert my blog post here)

Remember – we are here to help all those lost and helpless husbands & kids buy their mother runner the perfect Mother’s Day gift!  Need a personalized idea?  Drop us a comment and let us help you out.  While a sweet card and even flowers are always a welcome idea – we hope you check out some items on our list and let us know what you think!

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