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Group Runs are Fun (once they are no longer scary)

When it came to running I used to be scared of everything – what if I cannot finish? What if I have a bathroom emergency on the course? What if I trip? And so on.

Fast forward…I  got over those fears and then I signed up for the Richmond Marathon and planned my first long training run with my new running/training partner (who is now my best running friend) and I found different running fears were popping up. I was so terrified to run with her the first time.  I knew she ran faster than me, I was not good at running and talking and I was scared I would want to walk and she wouldn’t want to. So we ran together, talked, walked and finished our run without a hitch. Then I realized I was all nervous and worked up over nothing. We had a great time and already couldn’t wait for our next run.

Fast forward to last Wednesday when I met up with a new running group here in the Fenwick Area called the Beach Beer Runners– again I was scared. Could I keep up? What if they have to wait for me the entire time?

We ended up doing a 3.4ish mile run through a local neighborhood, talked the entire time and enjoyed the new scenes. We then followed up our run with a cold brew from Smitty McGees.

After the group run I was mad at myself for even being nervous. Why be nervous when we were all there for the same thing- to run!

What I have learned is that a group run is not a competition at all- nor should it be and there is NOTHING to be scared of. When running with anyone else it should not be scary- chances are the people you are running with have the same insecurities. Before you ever turn down an invitation for a group run remember it is all about fitness and fun and logging a few miles.

I am hoping to be able to make the beach beer runners a regular occurrence on my scheduled, along with the Delmarva Moms RUN this town group runs. We had our first one this past Saturday but it ended up only being me and Amy. We already have our next run planned and hope to have some Mommas join us!

Group runs are a great way to stay accountable, meet new runner friends and maybe even test your limits! Do not ever let your pace, past history distance or any other factor discourage you from getting out there and getting it done with others!

Do you have any advice to call the nerves of others when it comes to group runs? Do you have a regular group you meet up with?

4 thoughts on “Group Runs are Fun (once they are no longer scary)

  1. I too was SO nervous for my group runs! Being the new runner, I thought everyone else would be elite runner’s all breezing by me and leaving me in the dust. Ha! Not at all!!
    I run with my local BGR (Black Girls Run) group as well as my local MRTT group.

    Both groups have walkers through runner’s and are super supportive!!

    I also have a MRTT runner friend that I run with separately on Saturdays when we are able to meet.

    So glad that I have found both groups!

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  2. Awesome, and all great points. We have a hard time getting some of our mamas out of the woodwork because they are intimidated by fast paces and automatically ASSUME everyone is elite. Not the case!! Taking the first step is the most important!


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