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Strike Out ALS 5k: Race Director Preview

As you are reading this 100+ people will be participating in the 2nd Annual Strike Out ALS 5k Run & 2 Mile walk at Camp Barnes in Frankford, Delaware. You probably remember my post from last year when I shared all my fears about being a first time race director and then shared with you a recap of the awesome day!

runners start

As planning started for the race this year, just like last year, things went very smoothly. As I asked each question, each answer was YES, what can we do to help. We had a great article written about the event in our local paper to start getting the word out about the event. Just like last year when I was talking to the reporter it made me feel so proud to live in a community that truly cares for others and wants to help in any way they can.

This year the race will be special but sad. Jack- the reason for this run, lost his battle with ALS in early March. While we all miss him greatly, I know it will bring joy to honor him as we all run and walk to raise money for our local ALS clinic in Salisbury, Maryland. We will have two other participants that have been diagnosed participating in the race this year as well. It is comforting to me, so I know to them as well, to know they have the support, care and love of the community around them as they fight their battle.


I can happily say I did not have the fears or anxieties that I had last year. I have had some nightmares about the course only being 1.5 miles long and people finishing in minutes but other than that it has been smooth sailing.

Planning this even is so heart warming and truly changes the way I view my community, neighbors, friends and business owners. Throughout the process, both this year and last, all those people I just mentioned are so willing to go above and beyond to help me in this cause and when I stop and think about it usually brings happy tears to my eyes.


I cannot wait to share with you some highlights of the day as we run, walk, laugh and hopefully do not cry (unless it is happy tears of course). Here is to another year of Running for Jack in hopes to Strike out ALS!

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