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Better Together: BodyFlow


Better Together – BodyFlow

Maybe you have seen it on your local gym’s schedule or maybe you have read about it on our blog…. What exactly is BodyFlow? Well I am going to break it down for you – Jonesin’ Style.

BodyFlow is another group fitness workout brought to you by the same creative geniuses behind BodyPump, Les Mills.  (Read all about BodyPump here).

BodyFlow is a fusion class that combines Tai Chi, Yoga, and Pilates. A typical class runs about 55 minutes and will burn an average of about 350 calories. Each class is made up of about 45 minutes of “active work” and closes with 10 minutes of guided relaxation or meditation. So what separates BodyFlow from a traditional yoga class? The MUSIC!! BodyFlow is a choreographed class and uses songs from major music superstars such as Beyoncé, Chris Brown, Rihanna, Maroon 5, Bastille, Sia, Elle Henderson, Justin Timberlake, and Pharell… just to name a few!

A BodyFlow class will always begin with a Tai Chi warm-up. The Tai Chi moves serve to warm the body – and prepare the class participants to start thinking about pairing their breath with the moves. After the Tai Chi warm up, the class starts to work in a series of yoga inspired tracks: Sun Salutations, Standing Strength (lots of warrior variations), balance, and hip openers. Then you will enter the core Pilates strength tracks. Usually there is one song to work the front of your core (abs) and one song for your core back (think back, glutes, and hip strength). The core tracks will definitely get your heart rate up. After these two or three intense tracks – things will start to slow down as you enter the “Twisting” track, followed by one or two tracks designed to lengthen and strengthen the hamstrings.

The final 10 minutes of a BodyFlow class are set aside for the widely acknowledged mental and physiological benefits of meditation and relaxation. If you need to leave class early or you just aren’t into mediation/relaxation – that’s completely fine! Just pick up your yoga mat and personal items and try to sneak out as quietly as you can. Just remember – this is your workout – so just do what you are comfortable with or what you have time to complete!

So now that I have described the class – here is what you need to know!

  • Bring your own mat. Some gyms might have extra yoga mats for newbies – but once you have been attending class a handful of times, it is time to purchase your own mat.


  • Wear appropriate clothing. I would suggest yoga pants and a fitted tank top or fitted shirt.  Baggy shirts are not comfortable, plus they will not stay in place for poses such as downward dog and forward bends.  Also – you will not be wearing shoes or socks…. I only say this because some people get freaked out by taking off their shoes and socks.
  • BodyFlow and yoga is not a competition for who can stretch the furthest.  It’s all about how the posture feels to you! Some people are naturally more “bendy” than others – and that’s fine!


  • BodyFlow is great for all ages and all fitness levels. This class will work for those that are new to working out – and is also a must attend class for marathon runners who need to stretch their worked hamstrings, glutes, and hips.
  • Don’t forget your water and towel! Just because it is a yoga workout, it does not mean that it will be sweat free!

Are you ready to give BodyFlow a try?!? I tried it and liked it so much I am now an instructor – yikes! Could that happen to you too?

And what do you think of our “Better Together” series? Have we inspired you to try and new fitness classes?

Until next time, keep stretching, strengthening, and lengthening those muscles!

2 thoughts on “Better Together: BodyFlow

    1. So glad you are enjoying it! I was always nervous to go to a new group fitness class so it is nice knowing it may help others not be so anxious! Have you tried any new classes lately?


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