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Cherry Blossom Race Recap


The 14th Annual Cherry Blossom 10 miler took place on Sunday, April 12th. It was an absolutely perfect day!

The race dubbed “The Runner’s rite of Spring” was true as the weather was amazing (started out at 48 and warmed up considerably quick) and the cherry blossoms were out in full force.


I was so excited to finally see the blossoms as each time I have visited DC near the “predicted blossom time” they either had not made their arrival or had come and gone and the only trace were the blossoms seen on the ground or sidewalks.


This was the second year in a row for Courtney and me. We had a game plan for our race weekend which helped makes things go super smoothly. Here is our race weekend went:

Saturday afternoon:

We arrived to DC and attempted to check into our hotel. Due to the crazy busy time in DC our rooms were not yet ready but it was no problem because the packet pickup located at the National Building Museum was within walking distance so we headed over there. We breezed through the bib and packet pickup and then hit our favorite vendor first: Sparkly Soul! We talked to Pamela and learned a little more about the history of the company and of course took a group picture! We were sad that the signature “run DC” headbands were sold out but we were assured they will Be online soon!


After the expo we headed back to the hotel to check in for real this time and freshen up for dinner.

After a lot of hustle and bustle, cab debacle and even a short sprint we made it to the restaurant Farmers Fishers Bakers located at the waterfront in Georgetown.  The menu was massive which made it hard to order but everyone was happy with their meals and we left full and ready for our next stop: Georgetown Cupcake. As usual the line was wrapped around the block but since we preordered we just popped in, grabbed our order and left- pure happiness!



We headed back to the hotel and laid things out for the morning. We had all hoped for a solid night of rest but our nerves must have gotten to us because we all spent most of the next morning commiserating about our lack of sleep!

Sunday Morning:

Alarms went off and we started our slow routine of getting ready for the race! We were excited and began our walk from the hotel to the starting line around 6:45 for the 7:30 race start.


The race corrals were starting to fill and we all gawked at the large amount of people that we would be running with.


As it got closer to the starting time they made an announcement that due to an emergency the course would be anywhere from half a mile to quarter of a mile shorter. We were not 100% sure what it was all about but it was nice knowing ahead of time our GPS would be short .5 for a reason.


One more group shot for good measure and  we jumped in a corral to start! The first 4 miles of the race went fast – so much to look at: monuments, blossoms and even a Woody sighting !


As we reached mile 6 the course seemed to be a cherry blossom pathway. It was beautiful to say the least! We also saw our favorite race sign of the day- the Ryan Gosling picture that said “Hey girl, I’ll see you at Brunch later” –it’s always funny to see the different “Hey Girl” signs. Makes me laugh every time.



Courtney and I stayed together during the race which made the miles fly by. We kept a steady pace and stopped along a few water stops along the way.


We ended up finishing the race in 1:32.  Because we took it easy we both felt great after the race! We met up with the rest of the crew, picked up our race medals (again definitely worth the small amount of extra money) and took a few more pictures.



After the race we all decided it was a great event and we headed back to the hotel. Since the race started early we had plenty of time to shower and change, eat a cupcake and get packed up before our venture home.


If you have never run this race I highly recommend it! The Credit Union Chery Blossom is 2 for 2 in my book and it was even better to experience it with friends this year! Maybe go for the trifecta next year? Guess it depends on the lottery results!


We also might have picked our next Race Weekend getaway– more details to come but any guesses? (Hint:  we have run it twice before, it’s a scenic run and it’s in November)

Did you run Cherry Blossom this year? What is you favorite Ryan Gosling “Hey Girl” sign? 

hey girl 

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