8k · Dogfish Dash · Dogfish Head Brewery

I’m in! 


The Dogfish Dash is a special race to me. It was my first “real” race after baby #1 and I got to run it by accident. My sister caught wind of someone not being able to run so I decided to lace up my running shoes and run the Dogfish Dash 10k back in 2012. It was hard and I was out of shape but I finished and that is all that mattered.


Fast forward to April 1st, 2013. It is a beautiful, sunshine-y day. I just did a nice 5 mile run (a few months preggo with #2 training for the Nike Women’s Half) and it dawned on me that it is “Dogfish Dash” day. I scramble to text my important runner friends and hurriedly try to register myself. I was so upset when I realized that the race was already sold out by the time I tried to register a short 12 minutes later.

I pleaded and begged to anyone and everyone that worked at Dogfish to try and get an entry into the race. I blogged about it, complained about it and my poor brother-in-law even started me a hash tag. None of our efforts worked because really I am a nobody- why should they make an exception for me. What they did do, months later, was make a mistake and somehow the registration site started accepting registrations again. Myself and another friend jumped on this and signed up just a few days before the race. SORRY DOGFISH DASH PEOPLE! I was SO worried that it was a glitch and it really did not work- but on packet pick up day, sure enough I had a bib waiting for me. Some things are just meant to be I guess.


Now think back to April 1st 2014. We all had our game faces on ready to go. I had my alarm set and had reminded my peeps the day before the registration opened. Had my alarm set and a lesson planned so my students would be working and I could focus on one thing- REGISTERING!

I was in! My sister and her crew- NOT IN! It was a sad day and I felt their pain. Unfortunately there was no registration glitch this year and not many extra bibs to grab on to. One of my husband’s friends did register but he ended up not being able to run. Since I was in training mode with my best running friend and we had a run planned that weekend any way she joined me on the fun! This race was HOT and we just enjoyed the event. My main goal was to find Sam and get my annual picture. We looked for a while and right as we were about to pack up and head home THERE HE WAS! Year 3, picture 3 with my man Sam!


This year is bound to be an amazing time. Since it is the 10th running of the race they have switched things up and instead of having a 5k and a 10k it will be one (off-centered) distance–an 8k! I have never run this distance and think it will be super rad- just as all the other years have been. There are handful of us that will be running it and I cannot wait to enjoy the day with my friends and sole mates! The race goes through the cute little town of Milton which surprisingly for Delaware has some “hills”. Ok so maybe they are not hills but definitely an incline compared to most places in lower Delaware.

Be sure to check out the website http://dogfishdash.dogfish.com/ to see the crazy amount of money they raise for awesome local causes and all the cool stuff they do outside of the dogfish dash. The brew pub in downtown Rehoboth is also worth a visit if you are in town.

Do you have a local race that is crazy hard to get in to? Have you ever run the Dogfish Dash? Do you think I can pull off 4 years in a row of getting a picture with Sam?

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