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Better Together: Body Pump


Better Together:  BodyPump    

One of my favorite group fitness classes is BodyPump.  I have been a certified BP instructor for approximately a year and a half and have been taking the class for close to seven years. BodyPump is addicting.  The moves in the class are choreographed to the music – which help keep you motivated and focused.  Also, there is a new music release every quarter, so there are always new jams!

Just to give you an example of how great the music is – here are some of the artists from the latest release: Fall out Boy, Ariana Grande, Thirty Seconds to Mars, Meghan Trainor, Nickleback, Jesse J., and Nicki Minaj.  Do you see what I mean?!   It’s amazing music!

Master BP Class 2

BodyPump is all about the “REP EFFECT”. What does that mean, exactly?

According to my Pump training materials, “THE REP EFFECT allows us to get all the benefits of resistance training without lifting heavy weights.  In your average BODYPUMP™ class, you perform around 800 repetitions in a single workout – more than four times as many as you would in a regular gym workout! And we separate the class into tracks, with every 70 to 100 reps per track focused on a different body part.”

A typical BodyPump class looks like this: Warm-up, Squats, Chest, Back, Triceps, Biceps, Lunges, Shoulders, Abs, and Cool Down.  A class should take anywhere between 50-60 mins, depending on the amount of time taken in between tracks to stretch and set up for the next group of exercises.

Master BP Class

The best advice I give to newbies – Don’t try and go HAM and lift a lot of weight your first class. I can guarantee you that if you try and lift the same weight you are lifting in the fitness center – you will only make it to about halfway through each song.  I have seen it time and time again (*men being the majority of the culprits*)….  It’s someone’s first class…  I help them set up….  “Go easy on the weights your first time”, I kindly suggest….   “Oh don’t worry, I will be fine”, they reply…..   *thinking to myself*…we will just see about that…..   And then about halfway through each track the individual taps out due to the pain they have self-inflicted by trying to lift too much.  Moral of the story – stay light on the weight your first class – it’s not worth the risk of injuring yourself by using incorrect form or trying to overdo it!   Please do yourself a favor and start out with light weights!!


BodyPump will get your heart rate pumping and I guarantee you will sweat!  Be sure to wear comfortable clothes and sneakers.  If you have any issues (knee, hip, shoulders, etc.) please alert your instructor prior to class starting.  Chances are there will be some type of modification they can provide.

Tone, not bulk. High reps, not heavy weights. Encouraging, not intimidating.


BodyPump is resistance training that anyone at any age and any level of fitness can do – enjoy– and see the effect.

Have you tried a BodyPump class before?  What did you think?  We would love to hear about it!

4 thoughts on “Better Together: Body Pump

  1. I have done body pump before and really liked it. My only complaint is that the workout stays pretty much the same and I got bored with it so stopped going :/


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