You Know You Are A Runner If:


1. You plan out your runs before anything else for the week

2. Your race calendar is what you plan everything else around

3. Your passwords are somehow running related

4. Your text messages look like this:



5. Your camera roll on your phone is filled with pictures of your shoes, selfies, race bibs or other random scenery from your runs


6. Your Instagram looks something like this:


7. Whenever you get home your kids  ask if you were on a run

8. You get serious “runvy” from others posts about their runs and it is even worse when you see finish line photos

9. Getting a discount for a race is like getting a raise at work

10. In your spare time you research things all running related- races, old race results, new running routes or new shoes

These things may or may not all apply to me!? Are you guilty of any of these? What signs all point to you being a runner? 

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