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Assawoman Wildlife Refuge: Trail Review


This little gem of an area has always been one of my favorite places. As I mentioned about a year ago I spent a lot of time riding my bike to this wildlife refuge and even crabbing here with my family. As I have gotten older I have found it to be such a peaceful place and absolutely beautiful. while it is not a traditional running “trail” it is a great place to run!

I originally posted about this area as a refuge from the wind when trying to run. Today with the amazingly mild temps I knew I had to get out for a run. With my extra cargo I also knew I would need to find a place where wind wouldn’t be as much of a factor so the Assawoman Wildlife Refuge was my go-to running route.

I have never run here while pushing the stroller so that was a new challenge in itself. I always thought pushing the double was fairly painless- today that changed. Pushing the double on an unpaved path was hard! It created a much harder battle for me to fight through but my short run got accomplished and that’s really all that matters.

So here is what you need to before you run at the Assawoman Wildlife Refuge:

1. There is no designated area to park. You can either park near the entrance or drive to one of the landings and park there. Regardless of which area you pick you will find a porta-potty! Score!

2. The trail itself is a combo of packed, hard dirt (most of the time anyway) or packed stones. It is easy to maneuver while running solo, but I did find it challenging with a stroller.

3. There are no mile markers but if you cover the entire refuge it is short of 5 miles. There is a paved road you could add to your run and make it an even 5 if needed.

4. The views are amazing. Along your run you will see little ponds with turtles, views of the bay and maybe even an animal or so.  They do have designated hunting areas so it is necessary to stay on the trails. Also cars do drive along the path so also take caution to that.

If maybe you are interested in this wildlife refuge but do not want to run it, pack your lunch and some binoculars and enjoy an afternoon bird watching in the observation tower.

The Assawoman wildlife refuge is a neat little tucked away area! Be sure to check it out next time you are looking for an adventure or a refuge from the wind like me!

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