St. Patrick’s Day 17


So I have to be honest… I do not love St. Patrick’s Day (Sorry). Maybe it is because I am not Irish or have any long standing traditions for this day but I thought this would be a good day to spring 17 random facts about myself to you.

So here goes nothing!

  1. I am a middle child of three.
  2. I have been a lifetime weight watchers member for over a year now! I been maintain my goal weight since January of 2014. Weight Watchers was my key to getting my body back after babies.. I needed help with portion control and it definitely did the trick!
  3. My first child (Reagan) was born on me and my husbands 1st wedding anniversary. Talk about getting off the hook- we spent our first anniversary in the hospital. Her arrival was only 14 minutes shy of our actual ceremony time!
  4. I am in my 7th year of teaching. I spent my first two years at the high school level and have been teaching middle school since then.
  5. I still live in the same town I grew up in. Yep and do not plan on going anywhere anytime soon.
  6. I have had the same 3 best friends since 2nd grade. Yep they are not going anywhere either!
  7. I am officially a co-leader of the Delmarva Moms Run this Town with fellow blogger Amy Evans (www.amyevansfitnessatforty.wordpress.com) —>check her out!
  8. I recently began really liking olives.. I thought for all these years I hated them!
  9. Myself and both siblings all went to the same college.
  10. Eating ice cream gives me the worst stomach ache but I still will eat it anyway.
  11. I met my spouse at work. One of our first dates was Prom. Yes you read all of that correctly.
  12. I have two cats event though I am a “dog” person. I had a mouse problem at my old farm house and needed a solution.
  13. I love painting even though I rarely get to do it.
  14. I cannot remember the last book I have read.. or magazine for that matter. Thank you todlers.
  15. I have placed for my age group in the past two races I have done this year! woo hoo!
  16. I attending BodyFlow Training but never finished the certification process. Sometimes all the “things” cannot all fit on the plate. Sadly this was the “thing” that did not fit for me….. for now anyway!
  17. This post published an incorrect version so I have NO CLUE what 17 was! Oops! 

So there you have 17, well actually only 16 things about me!

Do you have any random facts about yourself you want to share?

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