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Hot Mom Check-In: Megan Reed

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This weeks edition of Hot Mom Check-In has a slightly different spin. This Mom has taken it to the next level and is a PREGNANT HOT MOM! Megan is here to share how she stays fit and fabulous while having a toddler and a bun in the oven! 


  1. Start out with a little bio about yourself. Tell us about your family, job, any community programs or anything else you are involved with.

My name is Megan Reed and I am a wife and mother of a 2 year old little girl and a pregnant mom of a future little girl as well.   I’m currently a 4th grade teacher at East Millsboro Elementary School and am involved with my church (helping with teens and youth in bible studies).  I am a huge advocate of fitness, but as a pregnant mommy, I haven’t been able to work out at the same rigor as I usually do.  I do have alternate workouts that I can still do that won’t make others panic about me in my third trimester.

 There is nothing we love more than a fit mom, then a pregnant fit mom! Being a teacher and having a toddler can be enough in itself but as you see Megan makes times to stay healthy and fit!

 Run or Dye before

  1. What are your favorite fitness activities? How have these changed since becoming pregnant with baby #2?

My favorite fitness activities (prior to pregnancy) would have been running, completing challenging 5K/fitness obstacle races (Such as Tough Mudder), and participating in Crossfit.  During my pregnancy, I do brisk walking and still include Crossfit activities but with LOTS of modifications.  Being 7 months pregnant, I’ve had to listen to my body a lot!  I’ve had to limit weight lifting at all costs because of my blood pressure changing, but my husband will still bring me out into our garage to challenge me a little and include some Crossfit workouts (box step ups, wall push ups, squats, etc.).  One activity I have become in love with during pregnancy is yoga.  Back and hip issues have come right along with my pregnancy again, so it helps to keep me loose and active with my daily life and chasing after a toddler.  I plan to continue incorporating yoga into my routine post baby  after seeing all of the benefits it has.

Run or Dye


  1. How do you fit your work outs into your everyday routine?

It is hard for me at this stage of pregnancy and being a toddler’s mommy to fit in a workout every single day, but I at least have brisk walking included just about daily.  Even if I briskly walk the halls of my school during cold weather, it keeps me active and makes for a healthy baby (like what I did when pregnant with my first daughter).  I do put aside one day a week for yoga and at least 2 days a week for my Crossfit modification workouts.  My husband is a huge reason for how I work out because he is also involved with running and Crossfit so he knows what’s safe and not safe for me being pregnant.  He’s also a great motivator!  We’ve involved our daughter in with our workouts so she reminds and even asks when she gets to go workout.

Fit mom, fit toddler- Now that is cute! Who knows, baby #2 may come out asking what the WOD is!



  1. How do you stay so hot? What are your favorite fitness apps, equipment or class that you absolutely love and cannot live without?

It’s certainly hard feeling HOT during your third trimester in pregnancy unless you’re talking about temperature haha!  I think just working up a sweat is what I love.  Feeling active and staying active feels good.  The apps that I’ve used before were Pocket WOD for my Crossfit workouts, my Crossfit facility I went through also had an app called WOD Together that we used to log our workouts, I use the app Run Keeper to log my running routes/time as well.  The best thing I use to workout with though is my music.  That’s the heart of my workouts.  I love Pandora radio because they even have workout stations with the music I love to workout to.


Tm 1

  1. Since you have become a mom, what is your proudest fitness accomplishment?

I think my proudest fitness accomplishment was completing a Tough Mudder race in New Jersey about a year ago.  It was my goal after my first baby….to REALLY challenge my workout stamina.  And boy did I do that!  After about 4 months of Crossfit and insane amounts of running, I was able to complete a Tough Mudder race with a group of workout friends.  It took us about 2 hours to run 12 miles and complete all of the fun  and crazy obstacles in between.

 Tm Entrance

  1. What is next for you? Do you have any post baby #2 goals floating around in your head?

After I have my baby in June, I’m going back to training with Crossfit and running to complete a Savage Run race.  It’s similar to Tough Mudder, but with different obstacles.  This time, I’m dragging my husband with me!  The sky is the limit with my fitness goals.  I set high goals for myself because after awhile, when you keep your mind to it, you realize that you can do anything you want to do.  You just have to do it.  No hesitations, it’s just you against you.  I’ve heard good friends tell me that and they’re so right.  My husband and I are out to show our little girls how important fitness is in life and how it makes for a healthy and happy family.

 Megan we are positive you will dominate that Savage race just like you did your Tough Mudder! Keep up the great work and being a Hot and Fit Pregnant Mom! 

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