What Spring Means to Me

Spring always seems to come right when we all need it most. If you live anywhere in the Mid-Atlantic you know we have been getting our fair share of snow lately and it is safe to say we all hope it is over. All winter long we sit and wish it would snow and when we get it, we are all ready for it to be over.

Just when I think I cannot bare one more cold day there is Spring, teasing me with that 50 degree weather and sunshine. It is amazing how a 55 degree day can feel just as nice and warm as a day in June sometimes. Followed by the “ultra warm” 55 degree day can be a windy 40 degree day, that seems bitter cold by the time I get home from work and it can sweep the smile right off my face! Spring is a tricky time but I always welcome it with open arms because there are some things that I just love about Spring and I wanted to share them with you!

1. Daylight Saving Time Change… do I even need to say more. Yes, we are all tired for a few days until we get used to it but how can you not LOVE the longer days!!!!

2. Race Season! So many fun and holiday inspired races take place in the spring- think St. Patty Day races, BunnyPolooza Runs, the Cherry Blossom Run in DC and so many more. They are all so unique and only happen during spring! Be sure to check back often for race recaps along the way!

3. Daffodils. They have always been one of my absolute favorite flowers and I know it is because for me they are a sign of spring. I also heard on the radio the other morning that once daffodils bloom it means that the snow is done. All I have to say is I sure hope to see some daffodils blooming soon!!!

4. Festivals and Other Outdoor events. I love all the events that start popping up once Spring rolls around. In the next few weeks we have Easter Egg Hunts to attend, Spring Festivals to check out (like this one in Berlin, Maryland), the Kite Festival at a local state park and anything else that looks like it would be fun for the kids and us adults as well.

5. The End of Hibernation. I am guilty of this myself, like many others. The cold winter months keep me and my kids inside. No double stroller runs/walks, no playing outside- just warm indoor kiddy activities and mainly inside treadmill runs. (***disclaimer: yes I do run outside in the winter but I often just opt for the ‘mill so I can get it done and not have to wear so many layers). In early spring it seems everyone breaks out of the house and the sound of kids playing, people out walking or running and overall happiness takes over.

I am not going to say that Spring is my favorite season because I do love me some Summer and Fall, but Spring is special. It is that rebirth of sunshine, energy and happiness that many of us long for during the cold winter months.

What do you LOVE about Spring? Do you have a favorite “thing” associated with Spring time?

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