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Hot Mom Check-In: Jeanette Hammon

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Our Hot Mom this week has to be the happiest person I know. Literally, Jeanette ALWAYS has a smile on her face. I also see her pretty much every morning at the YMCA getting her hard core workouts in before her day starts. How one person can be so HAPPY and HEALTHY first thing in the morning amazes me – which makes her an excellent candidate for our “Hot Mom Check In” series.

  1. Starting out with a little intro- please tell us about your family, job, and community programs you are involved with.

We have a blended family which includes three kids, ages 12 to 23, all with very different needs and interests. I work as a Human Resource Manager full-time, Monday through Friday. I’m also an active member of a local running and cycling club,Downstate Delaware Striders & Riders. This past fall, I begin coaching Girls on the Track, at my local YMCA. Girls on the Track is a program for middle school girls that helps them to build their self-esteem, individual values, and confidence – all while training for a 5k. When I have spare time I like to help out with other community groups but it’s hard to fit it all in.

5boro FamKids

  1. What are your favorite fitness activities?

My passion has always been running. Cross training and strength training have become a necessity as I age but nothing can replace my love for running. I have tried numerous fitness classes and workouts but I’m drawn to high intensity interval training. Preferably thirty to forty-five minutes. It’s usually a total body workout that builds strength and cardio at the same time. When I leave I feel like I accomplished a lot in a small amount of time.

No stranger to hard work, you will see Jeanette maxing out her intervals on the treadmill or bike. Jeanette was also the person who got me turned onto Water Running.


  1. How do you manage to fit in your workouts with your demanding work schedule?

This required a lot of practice. When I first started running again as an adult I would head out around 8:00 in the evening and try to get my run in when the house was quiet. This didn’t work very well and resulted in several missed runs. I joined the YMCA and started taking classes while my youngest son played. Once again I found myself squeezing my workouts in between the kids sports or school activities. I learned that if I wanted uninterrupted time I would have to workout when everyone else was sleeping so I started early morning workouts. Waking up at 5 a.m. is challenging but I love leaving a quiet house, finishing my run or workout and returning home before anyone is up and moving. It reduces my stress and helps me enjoy my workouts much more.

One of the lessons I learned over the years is I have to make time for myself and it’s okay to say no this is my time. We all deserve our quiet moment during the day and I choose to spend my sweating hard.


Tri Finish

  1. How do you manage to stay so hot? That is, are there any tools such as fitness apps, equipment, etc that you absolutely cannot live without?

I don’t have anything in particular that’s my go to device. My body responds best to change so I continue to change things up and keep moving.

I have tried apps, GPS watches, running with music and a variety of other devices. They are all great and useful at the right time and place. There was a time when I couldn’t live without my Garmin but now I rely on a simple Timex.


  1. Since you have become a mom, what is your proudest fitness accomplishment?

This question was tough because I’ve had so many proud accomplishments. I think it’s when I qualified for Boston. As a mom and older runner I never thought about running to qualify but somehow everything came together. I was very fortunate to have picked the right marathon at the right time. My husband and son drove around the course and cheered me on at different locations. They knew I was trying to qualify so they would shout out if I was on pace. When I turned the last corner, I looked at the clock and saw my husband screaming “You did it!” tears came to my eyes. As I crossed the finish line we were both jumping up and down with excitement. I couldn’t believe I actually did it. It was an amazing feeling and my most memorable race moment with my family. They were just as happy as I was.

Jeanette is such an amazing runner! In order for Jeanette to qualify for Boston, she had to run a marathon in under 3 hours and 45 minutes. Now that is FAST!


  1. What’s next on your goal list for 2015? Signed up for any races or events?

My goal for 2015 is to share my passion and lessons learned with others. I’m helping a new group of runners who are doing their first Couch to 5Kprogram. The hardest part of running is staying motivated so I enjoy encouraging others. I’ve been very fortunate to have so many friends who supported me through my runs. Helping others is just paying it forward.

Down State Striders

The best part about Jeanette, besides her smiles and positive attitude, is her willingness to give back and encourage others. Even though I am so much slower than Jeanette when we run together, she knows just how hard to push me without making me feel like an inadequate runner. Now that right there is a good running buddy!

So what did ya think? I am starting to notice some similarities between all of our hot moms. They are all very organized and make fitness a priority in their life. Would you want to hear more about Jeanette’s training for the Boston Marathon? Leave us a comment and let us know.


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