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1st Race of the Year!

Tim k 10

As you are reading this I may be heading to my first race of 2015 or maybe even finished it by now, depending on what time you read this post! Today I am running The Tim Kennard River Run! I am really excited to run this race and am so glad my friend Amy (amyevansfitnessatforty) convinced me actually sign up! It is a ten mile race around Salisbury. They also have a 5k and a ten mile team relay option.

I shared with you that one of my goals this year is to really focus on running local races. We have so many fun, unique distance races close to where I live I want to either run them again or experience them for the first time. I was hesitant to sign up because of weather and also because I thought it was a little pricey, however a sweet tech sweatshirt and little convincing is all it took to get me to register. The decent forecast of weather didn’t hurt either! I felt like I was in a running rut, due to bad outside weather and unmotivating treadmill runs and a race was what the Doctor ordered.

This will be my first time running the Tim Kennard race, however not my first time signing up. A few years back I registered for the race but did not show up to the starting line. In my defense it was POURING! I’m talking down pour like a hurricane and just not ideal running weather. I was pretty mad at myself for not running, especially after already registering, but I just did not find it that appealing to run a 5k in a rain storm.

Last year I was also planning to run this race. I was training for the St. Michaels half (which I am again this year) and thought this would be a great way to get a long training run in because there was no way I could run that on my own. WRONG! Last year the weather was AMAZING, so amazing that I just took the pavement and raced 10 miles by myself!    This may not be a big deal to some but this is sill the farthest I have ever run by myself. I am spoiled to have a BRF who likes to run long distances with me so I rarely have to do them solo now!

Here are a few scenes from solo Ten-Miler last year




This year I am excited to run and see what I have in the tank for my first race and first ten mile distance of the year. In April myself and a handful of others will be running the Cherry Blossom Ten-miler which I love and currently holds my PR for the 10-mile distance (You can read last years race recap here). I am also excited to run a completely new race course. I have never done a race or ran in this area of Salisbury so fresh scenery will be nice!

I have come to really love the ten mile distance and think it has claimed the “favorite race distance” award from me. The ten mile race is one that requires some training and can be a great motivator to anyone who is on the road to completing a half marathon!

I will have a full race recap for you hopefully within the week and who knows, maybe even a PR to start out 2015!

What is your favorite race distance? Have you run your first race in 2015 yet? 

2 thoughts on “1st Race of the Year!

  1. I was supposed to run my first race of the year today but skipped it because of sleet and snow. I didn’t want to take the chance of a slip and fall and risking injury right before Paris! I think my favorite race distance is the 10 miler!


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