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Delmarva Moms RUN this Town March Photo Challenge


In spirit of St. Patrick’s Day myself and the other mother runners from our moms run this town chapter are going to participate in a 17 day photo challenge leading up to St. Patrick’s Day!

As you can see from graphic below the prompts from each day are easy and can be interpreted however you’d like.

My only request is that you use the hashtag #17daysofDMRTT so we can all see your awesome pictures through out the challenge and we can can give some virtual high-fives along the way!

If you do not already, feel free to follow me on Instagram at Kstewjones or on Twitter @kstewjones

Check the hashtag #17daysofDMRTT often and join in on the fun!!

I can tell you right now there are a few days that WILL be a struggle for me (running with no GPS & Burpees) but its all in good fun and helps mix things up a bit!

If you want to play along leave your handles below so others can follow you too!!

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