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Hot Mom Check-in: Laura Wootten

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  1. Starting out with a little intro- please tell us about your family, job, and anything else you are involved with:

 I work full time at a hospital as a Cardiac Registered Nurse.  I work three-12 hour shifts which usually turns into 13-14 hours being away from home in one day.  During the summer I waitress at a crab house 1-2 nights per week a s well.  My fiancé, Jack, just started a new job in the poultry industry which so far has been a great door open for us due to the safety net the chicken business has here on the Eastern Shore. We live in a rural area in lower Delaware.


Just over a year ago, we had the most beautiful baby boy I could ever have imagined.  He has truly become the highlight in my life.  While I was pregnant I had planned and swore up and down I was going to fly to San Francisco to run the SF Marathon with one of my favorite running buddies who actually lives in California.  Kyle is the same running buddy I conquered the San Diego Rock ‘N Roll Marathon with just a couple years ago (prior to mommy world). This was scheduled for July 2014 (I think) where Finn would have been almost 7 months old.  However, when my little bundle of joy arrived my whole world changed and I could not leave him behind.  Leaving my little man to go to work is a must, but leaving for my own fun at this time was not an option for me.  I have been very blessed to and can say that family has been able to watch him while I work.

Do not let Laura fool you– she is a machine. Every time she runs a race I am in complete awe of her amazingly fast pace! When she had to stop running you could tell she was not happy but it did not not take her long to lace those shoes back up- and it is safe to say she is BACK and just as fast!!! It has been awesome seeing my best friend and “sole” mate become such a perfect little mommy! 

A group of us (including Kyle) at a local 5k
A group of us (including Kyle) at a local 5k


  1. What are your favorite fitness activities?

 When it comes to hobbies my main love is Running.  I ran before I was pregnant, I ran while I was pregnant, well, until by 7 1/2 months when Finn decided he did not like it and would compress my bladder.  I had to stop until I was cleared after my 6 weeks.

Run or Dye in Dover
Run or Dye in Dover
Dogifsh Dash- 7 Months Pregnant
Dogifsh Dash- 7 Months Pregnant

 Every race she ran while little baby Finn was in her belly I thought that maybe, just maybe we would finish around the same time– nope she still smoked me! I told you she was a machine! Check out that 7 month photo after running the Dogfish Dash!!

  1. How do you manage to fit in your workouts with your demanding work schedule?

 I use my family as a great resource! Once Finn was born trying to find time to run became very trying. During this time I would hope someone (which happened frequently) would want to come see sweet little Finn.  He was born in January which as a new mom, I thought was too cold to take him out with me.  Whenever visitors, mostly family or close friends, would stop by I would ask to sneak in a short run.  Most were thrilled to sit with the little man for that short 15-30 min time frame.  As he grew and the weather became warmer, Finn became my best running buddy.  We would bundle up, get strapped in, and the Baby Trend was put to use ( I would love a BOB).  My Baby Trend stroller was a great find.  I found it on clearance and it had speakers so I could still listen to music (without headphones) while I ran.  This entertains both Finn and I.  Luckily, working shift work I am able to have a good 4 days on the pavement.  If it were to rain or have bad weather, my parents own an elliptical which I will use every so often.

Finn in baby trend

 Having a baby that loves the running stroller is awesome, and as you can see Finn loves it! 

  1. How do you mange to stay so hot? That is, are there any tools such as fitness apps, equipment, etc that you absolutely cannot live without?

 My best running resource happens to be my best friend and one of my best running friends.  Kristen keeps my scattered brain self up to date with what races are coming up.  She keeps me up to date with new equipment and motivation through Instagram.  I thoroughly look forward to her random emails to me when Zulily may be having a workout apparel sale.  Having a friend like her your entire life has truly been something special.

SS with K

A few things that I have started to use that I absolutely love while I run mostly includes my iPhone.  I have an iPod shuffle which I still like but I am not good at changing the songs and using iTunes. What I like about the shuffle is that I can just clip it right to my shorts and not worry about anything attached to my arms, etc.  The Nike flight headphones are my absolute favorite.  The flights only have one wire that goes down your back, therefore, you don’t have the wires hitting you in the face or sticking to you while you’re sweating like most headphones do.  My Garmin GPS watch to keep track of my mileage, pace, time, etc. is also one of my favorites.  Well, then you become a mom and this just seems like a lot to remember.  I currently LOVE my iPhone for the FREE apps I can get to make my life easier.  I have downloaded RunKeeper.  RunKeeper has replaced my watch.  It has GPS to keep track of your route, distance, pace, time, etc.  RunKeeper also allows you to have “friends” on the app which can help keep you motivated.  Then I have Pandora, this replaced the shuffle.  I get a variety of music, stations, songs and I don’t have to worry about going on iTunes to update or change the songs.  I still use my Nike Flight headphones (like I said they are my absolute favorite).  Plus, now I have my phone so if Finn is not with me others can get in contact with me much easier.

Jungle Jim 5k
Jungle Jim 5k

Attire is huge when you run.  I am currently in the Brooks Ghost running shoes.  Brooks has been my go to running shoe for a few years now, however, I recommend Asics as well.  Plantar fasciitis hit me when I was pregnant and not wearing proper shoes at work and being on my feet all day long (I now where Brooks Ravenna’s there).  I now have placed Holiday inserts in my running shoes to help with my arch support.  They told me to stay off my feet and do not run while having this (I couldn’t NOT run), so I found these inserts and they have been wonderful.  They are hard plastic and small so they do not feel bulky, or actually you just don’t feel them in your shoes at all.  Very Comfortable.  My feet are much better.  My Nike ear muff-like headband is a must with the cold weather.

In typical Mom-fashion Laura has learned that the days of multiple accessories are gone and now it is all about ease and quickness of getting out the door and onto the pavement!  

  1. Since you have become a mom, what is your proudest fitness accomplishment?

 Since Finn arrived my greatest running accomplishment was my St. Michaels Half Marathon in May 2014, just 4 months after having him.  I only missed my PR by 5 minutes, which actually is a PR in itself when it comes to my high expectations of myself.  I woke up at the crack of dawn to drive an hour with my fiancé after being up all night with a new baby.  I had to pump before I left and as soon as I was done with the run in my car.  Then we ate real quick and I hurried back to my little one.  Talk about commitment.

SS Finn


  1. What’s next on your goal list for 2015? Signed up for any races or events?

 For 2015, I am repeating the St. Michaels Half Marathon.  I am hoping to meet my actual PR, and maybe even enjoy the after party.  I have also signed up for St. Patty’s 5K in OC, and I am hoping to sign up for the Island to Island Half Marathon.  My main goal in 2015 is to sign up for a race (probably 5K) that I am able to use the Baby Trend and push Finn.  I think he would LOVE it as much as me!

Laura thanks so much for sharing all your tips, tricks and secrets to being a hot mom! We loved learning about your dedication to running and living a healthy lifestyle! We know you will dominate the St. Michaels race this year and we cannot wait to celebrate with you at the finish line!!!

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