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My Other Best Running Friend: The Treadmill


When I got married I not only got a wonderful Husband, but I also got a treadmill. The treadmill was part of the package deal. When Chad first moved into our much smaller, old farm house I had no clue why we needed it. Yes I was a runner then, not quite the same running mindset that I have now, but I really saw no need for the treadmill. Most of the time it was used to hang stuff on or for my cats to sleep on. We rarely used it at the old house and if we would of moved into a small house it might not of made the move.

We are fortunate enough to have plenty of space for the treadmill at our new house and the treadmill lives in our office.

Since moving in 2012 some other things have changed- mainly having two kids. As many people know having time to work out or go for a run can easily be hard to come by but having a treadmill has made finding time to run much easier!

So I tell you the back story of my treadmill because now it is my other “best running friend” and I want to tell you why!

1. No matter the weather it is always there, ready for a run.
We all wish we lived in the perfect, always amazing running weather but let’s get real- we don’t! This winter has been brutal– rain, wind, snow and don’t forget about the summer: hot and humid. No need to worry about putting on enough layers or stripping them off! I can say I do try and Run outside when possible but if the weather is at all questionable you will find me in the office on the treadmill.


2. Convenience is key. Sometimes it feels like getting ready for a run takes longer than the actual run. Running through the checklist of must have items (sun glasses, gum, headphones, playlist, charged phone) can sometimes make me lose motivation or draw attention that I am about to leave and set the kids off in a fit! When running on the treadmill I simply jump on and go! If I know I’m in a time crunch, but need to run a few miles I take to the treadmill! Also do not forget you can easily pause for a bathroom break or water stop or even to put dinner in the oven!


3. Keeps it interesting. I rarely just get on the treadmill and do a straight, steady run. I mix it up with different intervals or speeds. If I know I am only logging a few miles (less than 3) I try to complete them as quick as possible. If I know I’m going for the long haul I try to break it up to make it more bare able. Sometimes I just do straight sprint work and that is good too. Lately I have been breaking it up into intervals like this: Run .5, walk .5 or shorter walking spurts like walk .2, run .8. Knowing I have a short walk break can help me push through the monotony I sometimes stumble upon when using the treadmill. Another great option my treadmill gives me is hills! In case you didn’t know, Delaware is flat! The treadmill allows me to work with inclines that I wouldn’t be exposed to outside. I should use this feature more- but why torture myself more?!? I will use the incline if using the treadmill to walk and do enjoy that! Like outdoor runs some treadmill runs are epic and some just stink but they are always interesting!


4. Always something to share. By share I mean Real Housewives of Atlanta drama, new recipe from Pioneer Woman or even some design ideas from Property Brothers. The treadmill has a perfect little TV set up for viewing pleasure while I run. It Is perfect to keep up with Kardashians or even the local news.


5. It cannot lie to you. The treadmill always, always, always lets you know exactly how far and how long you have been on it. While this may be annoying, it can also help you push towards a quicker minute/mile or even encourage you to finish that interval when you think your tank is empty. The treadmill always tells the truth!

I know those of you that do not have a treadmill at home cannot share in my joy of having an at home running best friend, but those of you that do I hope you do not avoid your treadmill but embrace that potential relationship that is possible!

If you are interested in some of the top treadmills with an in-depth review please visit the consumer advocate site! It is a great resource to get your treadmill purchase started!

Do you have a love or hate for your treadmill? What other reasons do you have that you love it? Do you have tips to make your treadmill workouts go by quicker?

6 thoughts on “My Other Best Running Friend: The Treadmill

  1. Yep! I love the treadmill. I really need to invest in one for home but we don’t have a lot of space in a townhome in the city. I’ve done all of my marathon training on the treadmill this winter!


  2. I have a treadmill in my building’s gym which is around the corner from my unit. All of the convenience, but none of the problems. 🙂

    I listen to podcasts while running. Serial and invisiblia are what I’ve been listening to.


  3. I’m a fellow treadmill lover! I’d rather run outside, but I’ll gladly jump on the treadmill if the weather gets too crazy. I love how when I’m doing speed work on the treadmill I have to stick to my speeds – outside I might run too fast or too slow, but when the treadmill is set I have to stick to it!


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