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Isaac Branch Trail Review


Rave Run: Isaac Branch Trail


Last weekend’s beautiful weather inspired me to change up my usual downtown Dover running route.  I decided to run through the Isaac Branch trail- a 2.5 mile trail (one way) that is part of the St. Jones Greenway.  This trail is usually reserved for my long marathon training runs- as it is part of a much larger loop through Dover, Camden, and Wyoming that I have mapped out. Needless to say- I enjoyed this trail much more knowing my mileage for this run was going to stay in the single digits.

trail infp

Here are some things you should know about this trail:

Parking: There is plenty of parking available at both ends of the trail.  The trail begins at a parking lot directly off of Route 10 by the Dover Air Force Base, aligns with Route 1, and then snakes along the St. Jones River before ending behind the DelDot Complex on Bay Road – where there is plenty more parking available.


parking 2

Paved:  The entire trail is paved, which makes it perfect for running strollers and bikes! Deldot and DNREC do a great job of keeping the trail maintained; the grass and brush along the path is always cut back.

paved trail

Pet Friendly:  This is a great trail for your four legged friend.  I saw plenty of polite dogs (all on leashes) during my run.

Pedestrian Stops:  The Isaac Branch Trail offers pedestrian stops along the way with informative signs about wildlife and benches so you can sit and enjoy the St. Jones River.

parking 1

Picturesque: The trail offers stunning views of the St. Jones River and plenty of spots for bird watching.  Nothing makes a run go by quicker than beautiful scenery.

scenery 2

If you have never walked/run/biked this trail before – I highly recommend that you give it a try.  Let me know what you think.  If you are interested, I can share my longer run routes that incorporate this trail.


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