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New Blog Series: HOT MOM CHECK-IN!

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Hot Girl Mom Check In

Flashback circa 2002-2005ish….Anybody remember “Hot Girl Check In”?  What, what!

Yes, we are taking it old school here at Jonesin for a Run!  “Hot Girl Check In” was a segment on Q102 that ran from approximately 2002-2004ish where “hot girls” would call in and tell the Greater Philadelphia region just what they were doing on a Saturday night.  The premise was simple, yet surprisingly highly entertaining.   And let’s be honest, we called a few times to get on the air…  Unfortunately, we weren’t successful.

So with that in mind, we decided to start our own “Hot Girl Mom Check In”

Since Kristen started this blog based on running while pregnant, this blog series will check in with “hot moms” and see how they are keeping their fitness levels up, while staying busy with their families, kids, and communities.  This series is meant to inspire and share some “tricks of the trade”.  Hey – if they can do it – so can we!


Our first feature is my partner in crime and the original running machine, Teen!  You have seen her in mentioned in previous blog posts and if you live or work in Dover no doubt you have seen her running those mean streets in all types of weather.  I managed to catch up with Teen and get some insight on how she stays so hot and fit!

  1. Starting out with a little into- please tell us about your family, job, and community programs you are involved with.

I live at home in Smyrna, DE with my husband and two beautiful children.  My son is eight and my daughter is three.  I work at Wesley College as the Director of Academic Support. My department oversees all tutoring and academic assistance as well as disability support for the students. I also teach a section each semester of General Psychology, as well as a section called “Academic Strategies for Excellence” which is a course designed to help freshman transition from high school into college. In the spring I teach an academic Boot Camp for second semester freshman placed on academic probation.  I am involved in many programs at our Dover YMCA as well as coaching for Girls on the Run (GOTR).  I am entering my third season as a coach for GOTR.

So, here is what she left out: Teen often mentors students that are first generation college students.  She goes above and beyond her basic job requirements, often forming lasting relationships with students and their families to ensure that their college experience is successful.


  1. What are your favorite fitness activities?

My favorite fitness activity is first and foremost running… The freedom that running gives to me is nothing that I can ever truly put into words. Just being outside in the fresh air is soothing to me. I also enjoy working out with my BFF Courtney.  Her workouts include lifting, core strength, cardio, spinning and Pilates/yoga.

Yeah, she loves running alright.  20 degrees and snowing?  Not a problem, add a layer.  It’s December 10th and its dark outside at 4 pm and we don’t get off work until 4:30?  Hey, that’s what head lamps are for.   Chances of flash thunderstorms yet we need to get our marathon training runs in? We can find shelter somewhere….(yeah that “shelter” ended up being a big tree – probably not our smartest move).  So yeah, she LOVES her running and by default I love running too.  (Notice her “love” is capitalized while mine is lowercase.)


  1. How do you manage to fit in your workouts with your demanding work schedule?

During the week I try to get in two or three runs or workout sessions.  I also get up really early Saturdays for a long run.*   Occasionally on Sundays I take the kids with me to though Dover YMCA for a Body Flow class. Afterwards we go hit up the park for a few hours and run around like monsters!

For those trying work days it is better for my kids to have me de-stressed than full of stress!  Once I am done with the workout I get the kids and we come home for completion of homework, dinner, and spending some quality time before the bedtime routine starts.

*Just to put things in perspective, she often gets up earlier on the weekends to run than she does during the week when she has to go to work.  She probably has more miles under her belt when the sun comes up Saturday than I have managed to get all week.  (Sigh) I had a long, pregnant summer…. 

  1. How do you manage to stay so hot? That is, are there any tools such as fitness apps, equipment, etc that you absolutely cannot live without?

My most frequently used app is the Nike+ running app. Not only does the app keep track of my miles and my pace but it also keeps track of the wear and tear of my sneakers as well. It sends me a reminder to let me know that it’s time to start looking for a new pair of running shoes. I also can listen to all the music that I uploaded onto my phone through this app.

I also use my fitness pal. I have a big sweet tooth and this helps me keep on track with not going overboard with my sugar.

Our YMCA also uses LF connect (Life Fitness) so I have that to keep track of any of the dreaded treadmill runs. It also provides different type of workouts ranging from 30 minutes to cross training workouts.

Equipment – foam roller. medicine ball. Jump rope. Dumbbells.  Yoga mat.  Fithletic ultimate I running belt. Sparkly soul headbands (gotta sparkle w some color!). Oatmeal walnut Clif bars. Brooks Adrenaline 15 running shoes. Body glide to keep the skin healthy. Chapstick Hydration Lock. My Wesley Lacrosse knit hat for those cold, winter runs.

MCM bib pick up

  1. Since you have become a mom, what is your proudest fitness accomplishment?

The second time I ran Marine Corps Marathon I shaved off almost 20 minutes from my time from the year before year before. I felt the proudest because I realized that all those early morning runs and missed breakfasts at home really paid off.  It really is hard sometimes to justify being away from your family for so long just to run! But at the same time it is a lesson to teach the children about dedication hard work and determination. And for them to see me set a goal and then for me to accomplish it is an overwhelming experience even for them.

MCM finish

  1. What’s next on your goal list for 2015? Signed up for any races or events?

Since working through a hamstring injury for the last year I would like to get my speed back up to where it was before the injury. I was getting PR’s almost every half… I would like to get back to those half marathon paces.

Also, I want to try new fitness routines.  One thing I’ve always wanted to try was hot yoga! And my BFF Courtney has got me out there trying that out.  And I’m really enjoying it.  Just getting out of my comfort zone and trying out new fitness routines is a goal!

I really want to go zip lining!   We don’t live too far from a park that has zip lining… Now if this cold weather would just go away we could get outside and experience that.

I’d like to go back to the Rock wall place we found in Middletown Delaware!  My son expressed an interest last year after he saw me in some pictures. I would like to have the opportunity to take him there.

Races I am signed up for include:

Philly LOVE half in March

Cherry Blossom in DC in April

Broad Street Run in Philly if I get selected in May

Delaware Half Marathon & St. Michael’s half in May

Hartford (CT) Half in October

Hopefully the Marine Corps marathon again! If I get in this time I will have reached my goal of years racing it and automatically get an entry every year thereafter.

As you can see, she keeps me busy!   But we do it all for fun and fitness.   Thanks for participating in our first installment of “Hot Mom Check In”, Teen!

Mud Run

So what did you think?  Learn anything that can help you along your fitness journey?  Do you love any of the same products and equipment as Teen?  We love feedback here at Jonesin for a Run

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