Keeping Your Resolutions Alive


So at this point you are either dominating your New Years resolutions, completely in left field– forgetting that you made a resolution or set a goal, or maybe just plodding along waiting for that perfect time to start. Well no matter which category you fit in I have some tips to either reignite your passion or possibly even kick it up to the next level.

1. Accountability
A big part to my success in anything I have accomplished is accountability. Whether it was the lady at weight watchers that I had to weigh-in with each week, my best running friend, or even my local moms running group knowing they had their eyes on me made me want to show up and do my best.

Some members of our local Moms Running Group at the Surfin' Snowman 5-Miler.
Some members of our local Moms Running Group at the Surfin’ Snowman 5-Miler.

Since Thanksgiving I have been helping organize and participating in two different challenges (Holiday Running Streak and Running to Sun). Any kind of fitness/running challenge is a great way to stay motivated. Having the support of other link minded people is a great way to keep on keeping on towards whatever the challenge is asking you to do.

You can pretty much find these challenges anywhere out there. Twitter is a great source for them as well at Instagram. Even the photo challenges can get you moving and really bring some fun into your fitness routine (or maybe lack there of).

If you are not into the challenge thing then another great option is to find a best running friend or maybe even find a running group. Once you find this group or person plan to meet them and run. Do not worry about being the slowest or the oldest or newest member just show up and run- that is the purpose of the group and I can guarantee you that you will be welcomed with open arms! Typically different mileage options are available as well so there really is nothing to be scared of!

My #1 Running Partner. She made the marathon possible for me!
My #1 Running Partner. She made the marathon possible for me!

If you have no way of knowing if there is a local running group just go out on a limb, write a facebook post saying you are searching for a running buddy and maybe one of your friends is looking for the same thing- you never know if you don’t ask!

2. Signing Up
That’s right- time to pull the trigger and sign up for something. I am extremely motivated if I know I have a race on the horizon. I still get nervous to run any distance race so when I actually sign up I feel the need to get prepared! There are so many great races- of all distances, in most areas and they are very easy to find! Again if you need help or advice– ask the social media world- someone can probably recommend a fun race to run! You can also check out Bibrave.com– on this site actual runners rate and discuss races!

I have already signed up for 2 half marathons this year (St. Michaels and Rehoboth) and have other local races I need to sign up for but keep dragging my feet- mainly because there is no price increase in sight I think. Regardless I know my first longish race is the Tim Kennard 10 Miler and I need to keep my distance up to be ready for it! Active.com is a great way to find races near you. If you are on the Eastern Shore my go to sites are Seashorestriders.com and OC Tri Running. (Races2run is another good one and runs the Dewey Summer Series races)app

If you are not ready for a race, or maybe even races, just yet find some kind of training plan to do! You all know my love of the App RUNKEEPER and one of the reasons is because of the training plans built in! You can select from a variety of different types of plans and your phone will tell you how far to run and how often. It will even tell you if it should be fast, slow or at an interval. It’s great!! And best of all – it’s free! Runkeeper even has some challenges they offer through their app!

Lots of options!
Lots of options!
I have selected a goal race, as well as a training plan!
I have selected a goal race, as well as a training plan!

3. Try Something New

This part is more for those that are kinda sticking to your goals but have maybe just lost the excitement that came along with the first week of January. My go to fix for being in a rut is trying something new. If you are in a running rut find a new place to run. If you have limited options of where you can run, run your route backwards. If you are confined to the treadmill because of cold/rainy weather mix it up with interval workouts.


Also do not be scared to try something new at the gym! Grab that kettlebell and start doing some swings! Not sure what to do exactly?? Look on Pinterest! I did a hybrid of a few Pinterest workouts I found and really like the sequence I made! If you are bored, experiment! Find free Workouts online and just try it! Body weight exercises are always a good way to go as well! Think planks, push ups, lunges, wall sits. Possibilities are endless and you do not need to leave the house or use any equipment!


kettlebell 2

So there you have it… Three easy ways to get back on track! If none of those work you can always buy new,cute workout clothes- that always helps too!

So let’s hear it- how have you been doing with your goals? What advice do you have for others that maybe aren’t doing so hot?


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