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2015: The year of just letting it happen


Don’t you just love life? You think you have things all perfectly planned and then you get a curveball. My curveballs have been excellent ones and they have made me sit back and realize that sometimes it is nice to just do that: sit back and let things happen.

I never really set any concrete goals for this year. I did not do that on purpose but I did want to just to test the waters and see how the year would start out. I did discuss how I wanted to just do some small changes like clean more (thumbs down), drink more water, things like that, but nothing major like years past. A big item for me this year is to make sure my husband completes his first half marathon. It sounds like I am forcing him to do it, but I am his cheerleader/coach and it is a pretty fun role to have! Other than that- I am going where the wind takes me and plan to enjoy the ride!

You probably remember one of my most recent posts highlighted the races that I plan to do this year. The post highlighted local area races that I planned to run. (If you missed it, you can check it out here)  Since that post I have added two additional races (St. Michaels Running Festival and the Rehoboth Beach Half Marathon) neither of which I had on my race radar, and I have been asked to participate in another running festival (Coastal Delaware Running Festival).

Last year I picked St. Michaels as my big goal race. My training was based around that race and I was hoping for a PR! Come to find out I ended up setting a PR at a much smaller half that I ran as part of my “training”. Funny how those things work out. I was contacted by St. Michaels Running Festival to be an ambassador again and since I had so many people sign up last year I get a free entry this year! I do not know about you- but I cannot turn down a free race! I am excited for the changes they have made to the course and look forward to running this race as my last spring half! It takes place on May 16th in beautiful St. Michaels. If you are considering signing up for this race do so soon AND use the code AMBJONESK to save $$$ off the Half Marathon distance. More information can be found at!

I also mentioned I signed up for the Rehoboth Beach Half Marathon. This race takes place the first weekend in December in the sleepy little beach town of Rehoboth Beach. This is again another local race that has taken place for a few years that I have never done. Each year on New  Years Eve, they offer an awesome race discount and the total for the half only came to $53.00! I could not pass that price up and I even convinced Courtney, my sister, to join me as well. She has already done this race once before but she, like me, cannot pass up a race discount! I am now happy to have a very late fall (winter???) race on the schedule. I can sometimes be unmotivated to stay active if I do not have something on the horizon keeping me moving. Consider that problem SOLVED!

I was also contacted by The Coastal Delaware Running Festival to signup for their event. Unfortunately I will not be participating THIS  year because The Island to Island Half is the day before. I have tossed around the idea of signing up for the 9k distance, but I do not want to over do it. I would rather share this awesome race discount of 15% with all of you and then train and participate in the event next year. So that being said if you or anyone you know is thinking about running in this brand, spanking new running festival, that is sure to be awesome, use the code GOCODEL15 to save 15% off any of the distance races that are being offered. Check out for all the info!

Moving away from the updated race calendar (speaking of which, you can always check it out here) I AM STILLSTREAKING! I started my run streak on Thanksgiving as part of the Delmarva Moms RUN this town Holiday Streak Challenge and now I am still going! Yesterday I completed day 47! I honestly have no clue how much longer I will go but I am super pumped I have made it this far! I plan to just let things happen and see how much farther I can go! This is quite an accomplishment for me as I usually do not finish things or quit once I have done the minimum (not proud of that, but it is the truth) I am hoping to be able to provide our running group with some more fun fitness challenges to keep them moving and motivated so I am always open for ideas.

So 2015……I am ready to let it happen and have some fun–and who knows maybe some really incredible things will happen!


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