15 Songs to Keep You Moving in 2015

There is something about a fresh new playlist that keeps me moving and really can help me pick up the pace while out on a solo run. As Courtney mentioned before in her “Get in Gear” post, music can be a great motivator and running partner when running alone. If you are in need of a new… Continue reading 15 Songs to Keep You Moving in 2015

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Time to Get in “Gear”

SHE IS BACK! Courtney is back from her pregnancy hiatus and blog maternity is over!  She is ready to share her favorite workout gear! Check it out! I was trying to make time on the treadmill go a little bit faster last night – so I picked up the latest issue of Self magazine.  Lo and… Continue reading Time to Get in “Gear”

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Things I am Loving Right Now

You may remember my post from a few months (September to be exact) ago which featured things I am currently loving like The Skimm (which by the way I still LOVE), Fall Weather and others but we are in a new year and different seasons so I figured it was time to share my current loves,… Continue reading Things I am Loving Right Now


Keeping Your Resolutions Alive

So at this point you are either dominating your New Years resolutions, completely in left field– forgetting that you made a resolution or set a goal, or maybe just plodding along waiting for that perfect time to start. Well no matter which category you fit in I have some tips to either reignite your passion… Continue reading Keeping Your Resolutions Alive

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2015: The year of just letting it happen

Don’t you just love life? You think you have things all perfectly planned and then you get a curveball. My curveballs have been excellent ones and they have made me sit back and realize that sometimes it is nice to just do that: sit back and let things happen. I never really set any concrete… Continue reading 2015: The year of just letting it happen