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National Stroller Running Day Recap!


I think it is safe to say that Katie at Moms Little Running Buddy and all the sponsors (BOB, New Balance, Fit4Mom, Moms Little Running Buddy, Linkouture and Run Stroller Run)made a huge success out of National Stroller Running Day! My newsfeeds were filled with the hashtag #strollerrun14 and super cute pictures of families pushing their little one(s) on the crisp fall morning of November 8th.

Myself along with two other stroller pushing friends raced in the 2nd Annual Running on Insulin 5k which took place in Fruitland, Maryland. The race raised money and awareness for diabetes and had a great crowd of 100+ runners of all ages!!

It was a cool start to the morning so I decided to keep little runner#2 home and only brought my original running sidekick. I was sure to bundle her up and throw her favorite “run, mommy run” shirt!


It was super sunny and low to no winds which actually made it a good morning for a run. My friends and I with our cargo arrived early to grab our packets and give the kids some snacks before we started our race!



I had never run a race pushing a stroller so honestly I did not know what kind of time to expect. Don’t get me wrong- I have pushed both my single and double BOB for countless miles but never have been brave enough to race with them- mainly because I did know how the kids would hold up, not because I didn’t think I could do it. I found my stroller tips did work in my favor, especially the “supplies” tip. Lots of snacks helped for sure! The only issue we had was Miss Reagan did not want to keep her socks and shoes on. What can I say- she is my beach girl through and through.


We ended up finishing in 28:52 which I thought was pretty good for our first ever stroller race! I think once the spring season gets here I will definitely consider pushing one or both kids again!


My favorite part of the race was hearing all the comments from the volunteers on the course, as well as other runners. My favorite was when two girls said “we can’t let the strollers beat us!!!”


After the race we enjoyed some refreshments and then headed on home to finish out our fun Saturday! R was obviously very tired from her first ever race!


Again I am so happy that I took the time to celebrate National Stroller Running Day and finally brave pushing my stroller in a race!




Did you participate in National Stroller Running Day? I would love to hear about it!!

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