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#mondaynightmiles -mixing it up!

It’s a new month and time for something a little different.

So far we have had a handful of people playing along in the #mondaynightmiles football running challenge and my goal is to make it bigger, better and more fun!

This week I have upped the bet to 7 miles! To some that is nothing, 7 miles is a piece of cake, to others it may seem like a lot but remember you can do your #milesofshame all at once or broken up. Who can’t do 1 mile a day??

So now for the next spin: challenge a friend –deduct a mile! Do you love participating- then why not invite a friend? Tell them to make a pick, tell me that you sent them and share with their friends!!!

So what do you get out of getting a friend to join?? A 1 mile credit of course! If you pick wrong then you can deduct 1 mile from what you owe!

So accept the challenge! Make your pick and help spread the word about #mondaynightmiles!

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