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Monday Night Miles Week #3


Happy Friday! I am ready for the weekend and all the fun things it has to hold like another looooong training run ((15 miles)) a dinner reservation at my favorite restaurant, along with lots of chores around the house (that part is not fun).

That being said it is time for week 3 of #mondaynightmiles !! This week the Bears play the Jets for the Monday Night show down. I am all in for the Bears. Jay Cutler is on my fantasy football team and after benching Matt Ryan last night I need Cutler to chunk the ball ALL NIGHT LONG!

You still have plenty of time if you picked the COLTS last week instead of the Eagles to get your miles of shame in! Remember you can do your miles all at once or broken up!

So who are you picking this week? Be sure to let us all know AND post those sweetie selfies while running your #mondaynightmiles I have been getting some great pictures from some! Keep it up and pick your team wisely!


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