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#mondaynightmiles week 1


Yes, I know I have been MIA the past few weeks or more like months but hey- sometimes life happens!

I have been training for my first full marathon and sticking to the long runs on the Runkeeper Training plan. Since school has started I have missed the shorter runs through the week but my goal is to make them more of a priority once we are into a steady routine.

Anyway not only am I back, but so is FOOTBALL!!! I debated about year two of Monday Night Miles but I found myself creating a graphic for it so figured might as well run with it (no pun intended)

So here we go– Week 1!


I love that when football is back it comes in full throttle- two Monday night games my friends! In case you missed last year’s edition of my weekly football running challenge here is how it works:
-I post info for the Monday night game
-You let me know your pick
-Those who pick the winning team owe nothing
-Those who pick the losing team owe 5 miles (either at once or broke up) and post awesome sweaty selfies or posts about their run tagging #mondaynightmiles

Really pretty simple if you ask me!!

So now it is time to make my picks- I going big and making selections for both games with a possibility of owing 10 miles– perfect for my marathon training I guess!!

Week 1 picks:
Game 1- Lions
Game 2- Chargers

So now it’s your turn- who are you picking?!

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