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I count Everymove, Do you?


So I have to admit- as soon as I am done a workout I log it two places: Runkeeper & Walgreens! I feel proud of what I accomplished and I want to make sure I do not forget to earn those wellness points at Walgreens or update my monthly log on runkeeper. I know it is silly but – it is what it is. I worked out and I am proud of it.

I was given the opportunity to try out Everymove and I thought… really another fitness app- how can it be that different from the others? Well I was wrong! The best thing about Everymove is that it does the work for me. Unlike what you may think, I do not have to log in and input my workout info- instead it syncs to lots of fitness trackers that you probably already use! As I stated I religiously use Runkeeper- when  I set up my Everymove account I added what apps I wanted it to hook up to and it was that easy– my workouts now automatically are sent to Everymove from Runkeeper! BOOM! I do know that sometimes the specific workout I completed is not listed on Runkeeper but Everymove has pretty much everything imaginable listed: Laser Tag, Shuffleboard, Pole Vault, Hammer Throwing- yup they pretty much nailed listed every workout known to man.

Below is a screen shot of the apps I have linked up.



So yes Everymove is SUPER easy to use but there are other great features to be shared

1. You can add all your freinds! I do not know about you but I like being socially connected with my freinds. I love seeing their workout for the day and sometimes that is my only motivation to get moving. Everymove allows you to search and add freinds through different social media networks. Who doesn’t want to give virtual high-fives and kudos to those how got a good sweat in?!

2. You can earn “rewards”. Once you have your account set up you can select which “rewards” you want to earn. There are quite a few to pick from and with a large variety I am sure there will be one that you like! My first reward that I earned was for 50% off my purchase from Sleefs Compression Gear. It tooks me no-time to earn this reward. I am have not quite decided what is next for me to begin working toward- there are seriously so many options: coffee, nurtitional bars, clothing, workout accessories, EnergyBits, and the list goes on.There are also a few charities that you can earn money for as well.

3. Work hard and earn badges, different levels, and bonus active days. As you can see below I earned an “active day bonus”– Everymove wants you to feel special and accomplished and reminds you of your hard work! Who doesn’t want that??!!


If you are interested in downloading this app you can use this link right here for iPhone users—–> and here for Andriod users—->

It really is a great addition to whatever fitness apps you currently use or workouts you are currently doing to get your sweat on. Do not think of it as another run of the mill fitness app because it is must more than that! You can also follow Everymove on facebook or Twitter

So what are you waiting for? Try it out and let me know what you think? OR better yet sign up and add me to your Everymove freinds (Kristen Jones) so I can hand out some High-Fives!!



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