Summer Fun


It is here- my favorite time of the year: SUMMER! Living near the beach the summer has always been very special to me. Countless hours of my life have been spent on the beach and I am very grateful that my career lends itself to allow me to continue to visit the beach on the week days and leave the weekend to the weekend warriors and out-of-towners.


I am happy to report that after the crazy busy spring we had, my summer holds very few events. Two big mentions would be going to see Zac Brown Band and our family trip to the Outer Banks.

I have no big races planned, no special fitness goals plotted out, just a summer of sunshine, smiles and simplicity on the horizon. What a great feeling.

This week coming up is a big one for the Jones Fam. The Hubs and I will be celebrating our 3- year wedding anniversary and sweet Reagan will be turning 2 on the same day! Yes it is fun having an anniversary baby and we will never, ever forget how we spent our 1st anniversary!


With my boring yet simply perfect summer break here you can probably expect a lull on blog posts by yours truly. I know some of you may be trying to hold back the tears and will greatly miss seeing pictures of me and my kids doing some kind of activity but you can ways follow me on twitter (@kstewjones) to get your Jonesin’ fix.

I do hope to share some fresh out of the garden recipes and updates! Things are looking really big and green in the vegetable garden and I cannot wait to start eating the crop!



Do you have any big summer plans?
Any summer traditions, races or goals for yourself- please share!





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