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St. Michaels Half Marathon Race Recap

20140529-063345-23625373.jpgMay 17th was an absolutely beautiful day! I had been watching the 10 day forecast leading up to the race and I was happy to see that the rain headed our way would pass on Friday and leave Saturday to be amazing! St. Micheals is a quaint little town on the water on the Eastern Shore filled with the cutest little restaurants, stores and even a brewery, distillery and a winery!


Since the race was on Saturday we headed over to St. Michaels on Friday after school. We breezed through the packet pick up and then decided to do a little bit of exploring around town. We took note of the little bars and restaurants but first headed to the brewery! What a cool little place! The Eastern Shore Brewing Company was loated right on the main drag in St. Michaels. They had a handful of brews on tap that were made right there in the building where the tasting room was. The owner was the one serving us and he was a riot! We even met another running couple and we chatting about the race as well as others we have done in the past.



Once we had our fill of carb loading at the brewery we headed back to Easton, where we were staying for the night. Staying in Easton was so much cheaper and only about 15-20 minutes from St. Michaels. This is another super cute little town with lots of charm! We met up with my sister and our friend Teen and headed for dinner in downtown Easton. We ended up having dinner at Brasserie Brightwell of Easton! What a great choice! We all enjoyed our meals and shortly after finishing headed back to the hotel for the night and set our alarms for the next morning.

Alarms went off and we packed up and headed back into St. Michaels. Even though we heard getting in the town can be a headache (one road in, one road out = major traffic back ups) we left early enough that we made it right in and even got to park near the starting line! Once we made it to the school we did our normal start of race routine- bathroom, group pictures, and of course selfies!




The 10k race started first and then us half marathoners got lined up! After a few brief annoucements we were off! I had no clue about the course besides the fact that it was flat! As we all took off and started runnign we headed to the downtown area. We ran by all the cute little stores and restaurants and passed many spectators. Once we passed the downtown area we were on the main road of St. Michaels which heads to the next little town of Tilghman Island. This road was boring folks! Nothing to look at and no spectators. After being on the road for about a mile or so we turn into a community. The entrance was wooded and it seems so beautiful!


After we ran through the community we were back on the long, boring road until the turn around at mile 8 and then it was straight back on the same boring road. You can see the course map here- the majority of the race was spent on the long boring road which made for a VERY mentally hard race.

20140529-063342-23622178.jpgI stayed pretty consistent with my pace for the first 7-8 miles and then after that it all went down hill. The strentch back to the downtown area was a challenge for me. I took quite a few walk breaks along the way. Even once I got to mile marker 12 I was still not energetic to finish. The last stretch was lined with spectators and I felt like I would never reach the finish line! Thank goodness I finally did and even crossed the finish line with two of my friends! Overall the course was not physicalyl hard but with little to no scenery or excited  but I was bored and lost my desire to push myself. Here are my splits.



I ended up finishing in 2:12. Not a PR but I finished. I reaized that I peaked in my training a little to early and decided that I would just try my best to enjoy this race and not worry about my finishing time and that is exactly what  I did! I must say once I finished my body was tired and sore. I immediately put on my compression socks and popped a few advil. Shortly after I felt much better and was ready to enjoy the post race celebrations!


In review I did like this race- it was well organized, flat and had a very fun after party. Will I run this race again– not the half marathon. The boring course really disapointed me. I may think about doing the 10k and making it a girls weekend but unless a course change is in the future the 1/2 is not for me.

Have you run any really boring races before? How did you push through it?




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