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Make it Happen in May: Take 2


Truth be told… I am not making it happen in May.

I am very sad to report I have barely run this month AND I have done 1 early morning rise and grind so far. Very sad- I know.

The good news is that I can turn this around. I have convinced my husband to get on board and we are both now shooting for before- school workouts. We both have realized 1. We are tired after working all day 2. We are even more tired after working all day when the weather is warm 3. The weekends in May have been jammed packed!

With the past two weekends being very busy little time has been left for the important things like:

  • going to the grocery store (literally out of all things baby related- it was not a pretty sight)
  • putting gas in the car (the menu read: 0 miles to empty as I was about to leave)
  • cutting the grass (our yard was looking like a mini jungle) –

However on the bright side I did get most of my vegetables and herbs planted, I got to see my younger brother graduate (go Chuck!) I got to celebrate my best friends upcoming wedding at a really awesome vineyard and even work a hostess shift at my long-time summer job and see lots of old, familiar faces!



This is the "before" picture of my garden. As you can see I had a lot of prep work to do before I could start planting.
This is the “before” picture of my garden. As you can see I had a lot of prep work to do before I could start planting.



This upcoming weekend is the St. Michaels Half that I have been training for since what seems like 1994 and to be honest I no longer feel ready. I ran the Seashore Classic a few weeks ago and set a new PR and have not run longer than 6 miles since then. I have so many great friends running with me at St. Michaels that I have decided to just have fun and enjoy it- instead of stressing about achieving a specific time. I am still chasing a 2:00 half but it does not have to be done at this race or even this year for that matter. I am going to make a really good playlist , give lots of high-fives and enjoy the run- if I get even closer to 2:00 awesome- if not who cares?

So how about you… Have you been making it happen in May? If not- it’s never too late to start!

Do you have any new,good song suggestions to add to my race playlist?





4 thoughts on “Make it Happen in May: Take 2

  1. I am very excited to experience St. Michaels running with some fine ladies! Once you get in the routine of getting up in the morning it will become part of your everyday routine. You can do it!


  2. Hmmm judging by your positive attitude it seems like you’re still making it happen in May! Maybe not in the way you’d like, but it seems like you’ve got a lot accomplished and know what you need to do to make the things you do want to happen happen πŸ™‚ I love your attitude about your upcoming run.

    I’m in kind of the same boat. I ran a half marathon the first weekend of May with an injury that left me finishing an hour later than I would have liked. I took a week off to rest my mind and body but this week I’m back in the game & back on track. We got this!!


      1. No problem! Sometimes we just need a little reminder πŸ˜‰ I’m not 100% sure haha. It only gets aggravated when I run, and I’m taking 4 weeks off of running to let it heal. I’m continuing with my strengthening exercises in the mean time and will get some new orthotics before I attempt another run, so hopefully all will be good!


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