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Make it Happen May




It is finally here and hopefully it will bring sunny, spring time along with it!

In honor of a new month I want to host a little challenge: Make it Happen May!20140430-201036.jpg

To play along is simple- find one thing to change during the month and share it with the world by using the hashtag #makeithappen

Some examples of what you can do for Make it Happen May are as follows:

give up soda

vow to eat breakfast everyday

change up your workout routine

run/walk at least 1 mile everyday

Ok I am sure you get the idea now! Maybe you will even take the challenge a step further and change two things!

I always feel like a new month means it is time to clean the slate and set a new goal for myself.

For Make it Happen May I plan to do morning workouts at least 3 days during the school week. I will either indulge in my Jillian Michaels library of workout videos, run, or walk.

Yes I said it- morning workouts. Setting my alarm for 4:50 to do a morning work out does not sound like fun at all, but it is time to MAKE IT HAPPEN! This challenge will require me to set multiple alarms, sleep in my workout clothes and maybe even ask people to text me at 4:55 to make sure I am out of bed and MOVING! Don’t judge- sometimes you have to crazy things to make it happen!

So how about you? What will you do to make it happen in May?

Challenge your friends to join you as well and do not forget to use the hash tag #makeithappen


5 thoughts on “Make it Happen May

  1. I love this idea! I just need to think of something haha. I’m up at 5am three days a week for lifting workouts…let me know if you need a hand or advice for stupid early mornings!


      1. Ohh I like the plank a day one! I’ve seen lots of April plank challenges out there, maybe I’ll spend some time on Pinterest looking for inspiration 🙂


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