America’s Coolest Small Town- Berlin, Maryland


So today I am going to take a step away and showcase an awesome little town that is just a few minutes away from where I live. Berlin, Maryland is literally the coolest small town in America and it is not jut because I think so.

Budget Travel launched a contest to seek out the coolest small town in American. Many towns were submitted and then it was narrowed down to a handful and the end result was that Berlin was actually in fact the coolest small town. Berlin is located near Ocean City, Maryland, a famous family resort located in the Mid-Atlantic. Berlin has been the set of two movies you probably have heard of, Runaway Bride and Tuck Everlasting, and has a store, event or restaurant for any type of personality you come across.

Below are some pictures from the Smallest Cool Town celebration that the town threw a few weeks ago.



The streets were shut down and kids were showing off their artistic ability with the sidewalk chalk



Different local bands were playing throughout the day to keep the celebration going!



Chad and E were enjoying some local brews made right in Berlin from the Burley Oak Brewery


Reagan and Tanner enjoyed the sunshine, music and watching the horse give carriage rides!

So you may wonder what makes this small town so special? If you were to ask me I would simply say because is it the town I got married in, but there are SO many more reasons!  Throughout the year, Berlin holds all sorts of unique events. One of my favorite events is the New Years Eve Ball Drop! For this event the town closes the streets and thousands gather together to ring in the new year and even watch the Berlin ball drop! There are vendors on the street and lots of festive fun to go around!

Other events held in the town are Bathtub Races, Christmas Tree Lighting, Peach Festival, Jazz and Blues Bash,  and Fiddlers Convention.

Below are pictures in front of the Museum that we got married at.




And here is a throw back to the big day!

We got married at the Taylor House Museum.


For the next portion of this post I would like to take you on a walking tour of Berlin and tell you about all my favorite little places to pop into when strolling through town.

Come follow along!

After leaving the Taylor House Museum and walking down North Main Street towards the “heart of town” my first stop is always Cupcakes in Bloom. By now you know I have a slight obsession with cupcakes so this is one of my favorite places. The owner was featured on cupcake wars and does an awesome job of making seasonal cupcakes and even using local ingredients (Fisher’s Pop Corn)! Her summer menu will be out soon and I cannot wait to get a Strawberry Pretzel Salad Cupcake!!!


My next stop would be my newest little favorite find in Berlin, Sister’s! This little gem looks like a normal little store with cute gifts and accessories for sale but if you venture just a few feet into the store you will see it is also a bar! What fun- shopping and wine! Sign me up!

After leaving Sister’s I would head into the Maryland Wine Bar. This stop is exactly as it sounds… A wine bar with only wines from you guessed it- MARYLAND! This little cozy wine bar has a bar to sit at or even a little lounge room! If ever visiting Berlin you must stop in here!

After the wine bar I would cross the street to visit Victorian Charm. This store is one of my favorites to visit with my Mom! They sell the ever cute and popular Spartina bags and have the cutest little kid section! The owners of the store are always so friendly and they always make my shopping experience a great one!

By now I would be a little hungry and ready for something to eat so I would head to The Globe! To describe The Globe in one word is hard because it is so much more than a restaurant. First off all it is a theater- They have murder mystery dinners, have bands play and sometimes even old films while patrons eat. The menu is large enough for anyone to find something to eat that they like and they have my all time favorite cream of crab soup. The Globe always features a signature Grilled Cheese-how cool is that?

After my stop at the Globe I would need to do a little more shopping to walk off the meal- so I would stop into Ta-Da. Ta-Da features handmade jewelry, art and accessories and is my go-to store if I need to find someone that perfect gift. The store is classy, beachy and all things fabulous!

By now I am tired and ready for a little pick-me-up and would head to one the local coffee shops. It is a toss up between Baked Dessert Cafe and The Berlin Coffee House but both always do the trick for me!

If you have followed along my walking tour but want to see more, you can always hire the horse and carriage to take you for a ride around town.

Berlin truly is an awesome small town. It has so much to offer and has embraced the idea of a small town. It is charming and full of quirky little stores that can keep anyone occupied. If you are ever in the area Berlin is a must!

So did you enjoy my walking tour of America’s Smallest Cool Town?

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