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Seashore Classic Half Marathon Race Recap!


I have been “racing” for around 7 years and have run 7 half marathons- all of which I had to travel, get a hotel, coordinate babysitting, ect but Sunday’s race included none of that! I ran in the Seashore Striders Seashore Classic Half Marathon which took place in beautiful Lewes, Delaware. Lewes is about 40 minutes from my house and one of my favorite towns because not only is filled with great restaurants, the gateway to New Jersey, and a large and beautiful state park, but it also the town where I had both my babies!


Going into this race my goal was to just finish. The previous weekend I ran the Cherry Blossom Ten Miler and I planned to use this race as  training towards the St. Michaels Half Marathon that is coming up in exactly 1 month! The weather was amazing and the sun was shining bright on Sunday morning. I had hoped to run this race with my sister, but she was not able to make it-so it was a solo run for me! I tried not to let it bum me out and instead just focused on enjoying the race as much as possible. The race had around 200 runners which turned out to be a great amount. We ran an out and back course so we saw plenty of runners the entire time.

Starting Line of the Race
Starting Line of the Race

My plan for the race was to not worry about finishing time, but instead focusing on a steady pace and staying hydrated. The course ended up having 8 water stops and I can say that all 8 were needed with the warmer temps we had last weekend. We started the race at Irish Eyes, which is a restaurant located directly on the canal. We ran down through a small residential area towards the beach and then passed the Cape May-Lewes Ferry Terminal and then into the Cape Henlopen State Park. For the most part the course was very flat, minus those few mini hills that can be found within the state park. Even though it was a small race, spectators could be found throughout the course cheering on all the runners. At the turn around point in the state park a few people were there with signs saying “most people won’t even drive 13.1 today” and that made me smile because that was very true!

course map

In park

As I ran I tried not to pay attention to my watch or GPS running on my phone. I was hoping to keep a pace of at least 10:00 minutes per mile and finish around 2:15 which was my current 1/2 PR from the Annapolis Half Marathon. The first 3 miles I simply ran at a comfortable speed and I was so shocked when my splits looked like this:

splits 1

Yep– first three miles were under a 9 minute mile! 

splits 2

As I was nearing the finished I was starting to get tired and as you could see from my splits I was getting slower and slower each mile. I was half way done with mile 12 and I saw a finisher at our last turn before the finish- he told me once I made the turn I could see the finish and my burst of energy hit! I was headed to the finish and it felt great! When the clock came into sight I saw that it read 2:07!! I was super excited for this because that means I took another 7 minutes off of my 1/2 marathon time! It is so exciting to see my finishing time get closer and closer to 2 hours! Maybe St. Michaels will be the race?!

I really enjoyed this”home-town” race and will definitely be adding it to my race calendar for next year! Cheers to finishing my 8th half marathon!


Do you have a favorite “home-town” race? 

What is your next big race?



8 thoughts on “Seashore Classic Half Marathon Race Recap!

  1. Isn’t it the best when you aren’t trying to go fast, but you end up pleasantly surprised with your splits?! Great job! It looks like it was a beautiful route! My favorite hometown race is the Philadelphia Half Marathon!


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