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Ceasar Rodney Race Recap


Courtney has been busy but  is back and recapping her most recent 1/2 marathon! Check it out! 

Ceasar Rodney Race Recap:

So I might be a little late with this one – but better late than never, right?!

Wildlife Reg.
Top of the Wildlife Refuge heading back into Wilmington

March 23, 2014 was the 51st annual Caesar Rodney Half Marathon in Wilmington, Delaware.  This race is challenging – and exhilarating – all at the same time.  The Caesar Rodney half marathon begins and ends at Rodney Square in Wilmington.  Runners travel along the newly developed Wilmington Riverfront area and Peterson Wildlife Refuge(which is completely awesome and I highly recommend it to visitors to Delaware).  After the Riverfront, the course goes through Wilmington’s downtown financial district, and then along the banks of the Brandywine Creek through Rockford Park – and back to Rodney Square for a challenging .25 mile uphill finish.  Let me be clear, this hill is no joke.  Here is what I am usually thinking during the last grueling 2 minutes of the race:

“Ugh, I am running my heart out and I am barely moving. Should I walk? No, can’t walk, too close to the finish line. Am I going to throw up? Possibly, but will hold it in – too many spectators. Gosh darn why is this hill so tough? Why did I sign up for this race again? Jimmy better get some good action shots of me running. Although, I don’t think it’s possible Photoshop could make this look cute. (Then I usually black out and do some long division in my head). Ok, I can see the finish line – finally.”

And then I cross the finish line huffing and puffing, out of breath – but happy that for another year I took on this monster of a race and finished!

Along the Brandywine River
Along the Brandywine River

Here are the race details:

  • Typically, 1,700 runners participate.  If you are a Delaware runner you will see plenty of familiar faces.  Not too big of a race, but not too small – to me, the prefect size.
  • The race route is very similar to the Icicle Ten Miler and (to me) slightly more challenging then the Delaware Half (May 2014).
  • Plenty of parking around the start line.  Also, the YMCA graciously allows runners to use their facilities pre and post-race.
  • Since this race is around St. Patty’s day weekend, your pit crew and race support crew can always check out Washington Street Ale House, just a short walk from the start and finish line.  Jimmy is a huge fan of the mint chocolate chip pancakes.
Senator Carper and his son finishing the race
Senator Carper and his son finishing the race
  • Plus – Delaware’s own Senator Carper always runs this race!  After he finishes, he will stand at the finish line and hand out medals.  While I was not able to get a picture with him this year – here is a picture from the year before with me and my running partner. 

2013 race finish

I finished in 2 hours 1 minute, with an average pace of 9:17. Over the past 3 years, I have consistently improved my time by one minute each year. Let’s hope next year I can get under that 2 hour mark!  I better start the hill training early.

Along the Brandywine River
Along the Brandywine River



So, what did you think? Was this recap helpful?  What do you look for in race reviews?


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