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Never say never


How many times have you said those infamous words…”I would never do that” “never in a million years would you catch me doing that” never, never, never….

In my lifetime I have judged others and commented: “I would never do that” more than I would like to admit. The past few years and specifically weeks, I have found myself doing some of the things I never said I would do.

Some of those instances include:
-running for fun (I thought these people were nuts and now I do it on the regular, like a lot!)

-having two children in two years (I thought those people were even more nuts- but this I would never, ever, ever change that and YES I am allowed to say never in that statement!)

signing up and actually running a race when it is pouring outside (after running the Providence 1/2 in the pouring rain, I said I would NEVER voluntarily run a race in the rain and low and behold a few Saturday’s ago I packed up and headed to a local 5k in the pouring rain!)

run with no music (how can you be motivated?? I cannot handle listening to breathing and feet pitter pattering but yes a few weeks ago in the pouring ran 5k I decided to embrace the weather and run musicless so I could focus on not wiping out in the mud!)

 –sign up for a marathon (Why would someone want to run for 5 hours????? Guess I will be finding out soon enough- Richmond here I come!)

20140407-115836.jpgSo there you have it- the list of things I said I would never do. I am 28 years old and I have currently done all those things!! So much for saying that magic “never” word.

I cannot say that I love running with no music or will ever find running in the rain exciting but it just reinforces the fact that we are capable of doing whatever it is we put our mind to- so why limit yourself and say you will never do it?

So back to the big news of singing up for a MARATHON- WOW! I am still in shock that I signed up for a marathon. I truly never thought this would be an event that I would want to do. Suprisingly it was my other half (Chad) that encouraged me to sign up for this distance. He has seen the time, effort and dedication I have put into training for 1/2 marathons that he thought I should run at least 1 marathon! I will start training this summer and run in the Richmond Marathon taking place on Novemeber 15th. I figured this would be a great first marathon since it is dubbed “America’s Friendliest Marathon”.  I mean they had me at the junk food stops, but no extra fees when signing up online and the wet washclothes stations sealed the deal!!!

Everyday I think about how anxious I am for this event and I hope that my training for this race goes as smooth as my current training is going. What I have to remember is that training is fun and not a job. My hope is that I can put the anxiety to bed and truly just enjoy the hours of running– and completely my first ever marathon!

As I look back at the list I am so happy that I did not let the word “never”  hold me back from doing all the items listed above!

Have you ever said you would never do something, but end up doing it?

What is your favorite full marathon training plan?



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