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March Training Check-in


It is hard to believe the 3rd month of 2014 is over! The past month has been wild in terms of the weather, and filled with a day of sunburn then followed by a snowstorm producing 5+ inches!



This was the day of my 10 mile training run



This was the day after!

Luckily the past 2 snow storms we have had melted very quickly and we only missed 1 day of school for each storm- otherwise we may end up being in school all summer!! I cross my fingers and hope that the snow is behind us and we are headed for Spring!



March ended up being a decent month for training. I was able to log 52.7+ miles running, along with lots of walking and different classes at the gym like: RPM, Zumba Step, Body Combat and Tabata! My total for the year is: 133 out of my goal to run 600- looks like I need to pick it up a bit 🙂

During the month I complete my 5bythe5th virtual run put on by Mommy Run Fast,  the Run for Gold Virtual 1/2 Marathon hosted by JoggerMom, as well as the Licorice and Olives virtual 5k. At times I feel as though I may never be able to fit these runs in, but they are truly the motivation that  I need sometimes! If you have never participated in a virtual run, I highly recommend it! The best part about these two gals virtual runs is that they are FREE!!

Along with the virtual runs and my training runs, I ran in the Shamrock Shuffle 14k which was a lot of fun! I fell in love with the trail we ran on and cannot wait to get a review of it up on the blog! The other race I ran this month was the IRXC 5k Trail run. Oh my not sure where to even begin besides it was a wet and muddy run. About 75 of us crazy runners gathered at the local high school and ran the trail “mud” run. The high school does have a very nice cross country trail and I will be sure to visit it again soon, just not when it is so rainy and muddy. My time for the race was no where near stellar (30:58) but running in the rain and through mud can be quite a challenge. I decided on no music for this run- which is a whole battle in itself for me. I ended up earning 2nd place for my age group and gained a new appreciation for anyone that loves doing mud runs- because I do not!







The coolest part of the month for me was running with my brother! It was awesome to see the passion that myself and Courtney have for running trickle down to our younger brother! Come to find out he is a BEAST!!

April is the month where I will see if my training has paid off- I am running the Cherry Blossom Ten-Miler on Sunday (April 6th) and possibly a few other local races (1/2 marathon and 10k).

If you are still looking for a spring race, check out the St. Michaels Running Festival! It is flat as a pancake and will hopefully be my next 1/2 marathon PR! If you are interested in running this race use my code and save some $$ —–>ambkristenjo

I hope that your month of march was filled with lots of sunshine, sweat and shamrocks! 

Did you run any fun races this past month? What do you have on your calendar for April?


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