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Cycle Fusion: The Perfect Playlist


New Cycle Fusion Playlist from the Doctor:

Every now and again, I happen to create what literally might be “The Perfect Playlist”.  The Perfect Playlist includes songs from various genres, good beats, high energy, and of course – a mix of old hits and hot off the iTunes release chart songs.  (Keep in mind that my definitions of “old hits” are songs that are 5 or so years old.  While I do enjoy dancing to Blues Brothers at weddings – I do not enjoy the Brothers so much in a spin class …. Sorry!)

So here are the latest tracks fresh off DJ Courtney’s iPod:


Lisztomania Phoenix Warm-up
Can’t Remember for Forget You Shakira (Feat. Rhianna) Seated & Standing Climb
This song has a great beat to ease your class into the workout with a   level 6 & 7 climb.  An added bonus   – Shakira and Rhianna are fitness inspirations to everyone!
Come & Get It Krewella Sprints!  2 seated, 1   standing
I  have officially developed a   hard core crush on this group.  This   song has great energy and is beyond a shadow of a doubt THE MOST PERFECT   SPRINTING song EVER.  You will KNOW   when to hit the gas with this one.
Lights (Bassnectar Remix) Ellie Goulding Floor mix
Good Feeling Flo Rida Seated & Standing Climb
Great song – everyone knows the words…  Well most of the words at least.  I prefer a level 7 & 8 climb – with a   break about halfway through
Just Tonight Jimmy Eat World Attacks
Whatever happened to this great band?!  This is a great Attack song – high energy   with just the right amount of recovery time built in between the choruses.
Need You Tonight (Static Revenge Remix) INXS Floor mix, or a great climb song
A classic song made better with some additional bass and a little   extra beat.  You can get it with this   jam.
Harlem New Politics Sprints or Attacks
Clocking in at 2 mins 45 seconds – this is a short song perfect for   short, high intensity bouts of work.
Untouched The Veronicas Seated & Standing Climb – Fast Pace
Great temp climb – less resistance but faster pace.  If you know anything about me by now – you   should know that I love girl groups – and this song is probably in my top 20   of all time favs.
Power Glove Knife Party Floor mix
With a name as strong as Knife Party, you need to bring it – and boy   this group brings it hard core.  I have   to admit, I was intimidated at first, it sounds scary…  But after a few times listening to their   songs, I actually really like them.  A   lot.  And so does another cute little   blond girl in my class with no tattoos or piercings (that I can see).  Maybe they are becoming more   mainstream?  Either way – great song so   check it out.
Lessons In Love (Feat. Neon Trees) Kaskade Power Climb – Level 8 & 9
This song has everything a power climb needs – a strong beat, is   about 4 mins long, and has a catchy chorus.    Good thing there is a short break about halfway through – this is a   tough climb!
Move Little Mix Seated & Standing Climb Level 6 & 7
Hot off the iTunes release chart (released Feb. 4).  This girl group’s vocals are fun – and   after consulting with a mom from the YMCA, I have learned this group also has   a positive “Girl Power” vibe for the “Tween” age   group.  Hold up, wait – I am listening   to music 12 year olds are into?  Hey,   that’s ok.  Listen to this song and   then tell me you don’t like it!  Girl   Power all day every day!
Wild Royal Teeth Cool Down
I have to end my class with a some-what alternative song – if for no   other reason than to balance out all the pop music I play!


So there you have it.  The latest and greatest from my cycle fusion class!  I am interested to know what you think!  Let me have it – do you love it, do you hate it?  What songs do you use?


And until next time, fusion on!



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