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February Fitness Check-in!

The month of love has come and gone and now we are into March- and what a start it has been! Already this month I got sunburn and have been snowed in and it is only the 3rd!!!

February is always my busy month at school and fitness typically takes a back seat. I ended the month with 39.8 running miles, 6.9 walking miles, and some spinning and hot yoga classes. I ran my first 5k of the year- the Valentine’s Day 5k and completed the Lorna Jane & Fit Approach Move, Nourish, Believe challenge. You can check out my recaps here: week 1, week 2 and week 3. I also ran some virtual races: JoggerMom Hearts for Heros Virtual Marathon, Licorice and Olives 5k, and Mommy run Fast’s 5bythe5th!

During the month of love I meant to write a post about things I LOVE however I ran out of time so might as well be productive while I am snowed in right?

#1 Sparkly Soul Headbands
I love them! You may have even noticed that in almost all of my fitness related pictures I have one of these bad boys on! I love both the thin and the wide and have a variety of the colors. I also really love the thin black and thin silver sparkly to wear to school if I am having a crazy hair day! The best thing about these head bands- besides being super cute, is that they do not slip, move or fall off! If you want to treat yourself to something nice- I highly suggest one of these, maybe even two!


#2 Runkeeper App
So many great things about this app… Where to start… Easy to use, FREE, able to connect with fellow fitness friends, set goals and even search for races you have coming up! When I ran the Annapolis Half this past year I did not have my app going because I was afraid my phone battery would not make it- fear not I was able to link up with the officially race map through the runkeeper website! Another cool feature is that you can link your runkeeper stats to myfitnessspal if you use that app to track your food! Runkeeper has added lots of other workouts that you can log as well so cross train and log away!

week 1 runkeeper

#3 Walgreens App
As random as this sounds I do love this app and use it a lot! First of all you can print super adorable 4×4 Instagram pictures using this app. If you have ever tried to print an Instagram picture it probably looks blown up and funky- I had many failed attempts until I printed through Walgreens and now my bulletin board at school is covered in the cutest little Instagram perfect pictures!!!

Another cool feature of the Walgreens app is the “steps”. Here you can log walking, running or other activities, as well as track your weight and earn rewards!! If you are a regular Walgreen shopper and fitness junky link up your walgreens card to this app and start logging your workouts! It is kind of like getting paid for doing your work out and for weighing yourself!


#4 Victoria Secret Cropped Yoga Pants
When you think about work out pants I doubt Victoria secret comes to mind for you. I fell in love with these pants when my grandmother got me a pair for Christmas! They have the top that folds over and fit great! They have a variety of different kinds and lengths but are super comfy to work out in! They also often go on sale when they have any kind of sale of their “Pink” line so be sure to check them out if you are in the market for a new pair of work out pants/capris. They have such cute prints and colors and are great for a fitness class’s or a day of lounging around the house!

Finising my 5-Miler in my VS Cropped Leggings!
Finising my 5-Miler in my VS Cropped Leggings!

#5 Polar Heart Rate Watch
I recently bought a heart rate monitor watch with a gift card I had to Dicks. I went with the simple Polar Heart Rate Watch that came with the heart rate strap because I knew it was easy to use and did not want a GPS watch since I typically always run with my phone. This watch is cute to wear all the time and did I mention it is super easy to use. I use it to monitor my heart rate during workouts, as well as total calories burned during my fitness session. It is always interesting to see how different the results are from my watch compared to the treadmill or even a fitness app. I have however found that runkeeper is always very close to what the watch reports. There are different models of this watch but I found the version I have does everything I need it to: calories burned, current heart rate, average heart rate, maximum heart rate and amount of time in the “target heart rate” zone.

Stats from a 7-Mile run!
Stats from a 7-Mile run!

So those are the things I love. What products, apps, or accessories do you love?

Green Polar Heart Rate Watch and my Pink Sparkly Soul Wide Head Band
Green Polar Heart Rate Watch and my Pink Sparkly Soul Wide Head Band

13 thoughts on “February Fitness Check-in!

  1. That’s good to know about the Walgreens app. I keep thinking that I want to print out some Instagram photos but I haven’t gotten around to it yet. My favorite fitness app is Nike Training Club. I use it several times a week to help me stay motivated to strength train.


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