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The Doctor’s MNBChallenge Week 3 Recap!

Move, Nourish,&  Believe Challenge Complete!

USA Finish

Pop the bubbly, it’s time to celebrate!  I have completed my first ever “challenge”. Usually for these types of things I will start out strong and then fizzle by week 2 – however, this time I powered through and completed all of the tasks. In fact, I am so used to now checking the MNB Challenge website and Facebook page that it has become almost a second habit.  Sounds like someone is ready for another challenge….  (maybe I will think one up!)

Let’s review week 3.  Week 3 was all about believing in yourself and knowing anything is possible – which is completely true! I have completed so many things in life that I did not think was possible. Thinking back over the last few years….

1. I managed to land my dream job.  After applying 3 times (and interviewing 6 times!) I managed to score the most amazing job that I love so much. Yes, it is challenging – very challenging and keeps me up at night sometimes – but it’s rewarding, interesting, and intellectual stimulating.  How many people can say they really enjoy going to work?  My coworkers are awesome – and even though we get stressed – we truly do enjoy working with each other.   I consider myself lucky – but I also congratulate myself on the hard work it took to get there.

2. I completed my doctorate while working full time AND waitressing to pay for my tuition.  Now that was a crazy time in my life and I am glad to say it’s over with!  BUT – no one can take away the fact that I worked my butt off and graduated in 4 years with no student loans.  BOOM goes the dynamite.

3. I have run 7 marathons.  For a girl who HATED running, I still cannot believe I have done 7 marathons.  I am lucky that I have great friends who are also awesome running partners to keep me company on those long runs.  I definitely could not have done it without them.

So those are my major accomplishments – but don’t get me wrong – I could not have done it with the love, help, and support from my husband, friends, and family.  Doing a 20 mile run by yourself – ugh – no thank you!  Doing a 20 mile run with Teen, ok – sign me up.  Trying to work 2 jobs and go to school – nightmare.  Trying to work 2 jobs and go to school knowing your husband will take care of the housework and preparing dinner – ok, it can be manageable.

But let’s be honest – I am not perfect.  I struggle with losing ten pounds ….  I get tongue tied when I have to speak in public…  I have very stressful days at work….  My house in never clean (or at least as clean as I want it to be)….   But – I always try to put things in perspective – Will this “event” matter in 5 or 10 years?  Chances are – it won’t.  So take a chance on something you love, dream big – and  I can guarantee you will surprise yourself.

Know that you can do anything you truly put your mind to.  Don’t give up!

What challenges have you conquered?  What challenges are you planning to conquer?

Thanks Lorna Jane and Fit Approach for such a great challenge – can’t wait for the next one. Till next time! -Courtney

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