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Move-Nourish-Believe Week 3 recap


This week of the Lorna Jane & Fit Approach challenge was all about Believe and giving ourselves some love! I know I am quick to count the items I did not get done instead of celebrating what I have done- but I am working on that!


Monday: Spoil a Yourself
I was lucky enough to be off on Monday to celebrate our great Presidents birthday. We were busy, as usual- running errands, hitting the grocery store and I had my first meeting with the town and police to plan my first ever 5k! After my meeting both kids decided to nap so I decided to spoil myself and hop in bed myself and simply be- be still, be quiet, be technology free- you get the idea! It was perfect in every sense of the word!


Tuesday: 5 mindful minutes
Back to reality. The long weekend was over and there was no mercy in sight. My husband had a work meeting about an hour away so me and the babes were left to enjoy the sunshine! We spent some time in the double stroller for my first attempt to find some peace and truth be told the sunshine was just what the doctor ordered.


Once the babies went to bed ( which has been super early lately- 6:30 early) I decided I would really get my Zen on


I had seen that quote the same day and thought it was perfectly fitting. I took an hour to myself and thought of all I was thankful for, all that I am excited for and simply enjoyed the stillness!

Wednesday: be happy


Pictured above are my happy places. It doesn’t matter where I am- if I am with these people, my heart is filled with joy. By now you probably recognize my kids and husband so no info needed there- but the picture of the group of girls may have you wondering. Us girls are the 4ffc- 4 friends forever club! We met in 2nd grade and have not looked back since. College roommates, bridesmaids, laughs, tears, good times and bad- we have seen it all. We don’t judge, ask questions or worry if we don’t get a text back at that exact moment – we are best friends, soul mates, the true perfect match.

Thursday: thankful Thursday


I cannot list individual things I am thankful for- I am sure the blog would cap me at some point or you would stop reading. Saying I am blessed is an understatement and I am thankful for so many things. The image above highlights some main things most of which are a given. Lately I have been very thankful for my health. My neighbor has bee diagnosed with ALS and it is such a constant reminder to not take anything for granite. You have heard me mention my planning a 5k- it is to benefit our local ALS clinic. I am so thankful for the community and all the helpful people I have met in just this week. I think it is safe to say I am thankful and as this year progresses I will be even more thankful!

Friday: share the love

My shout out goes to my main squeeze, stud muffin husband. He gets it- he loves me for who I am and gives his unending support to whatever crazy idea I have- he also knows when to pull me back into reality!


He completes me and makes me a better person and bonus he runs with me!

Now that I have officially moved, nourished and believed, I am read to refocus and kick it into 1/2 marathon training. I really enjoyed this challenge and hope you did too! If you are looking for ideas on how to move, nourish and believe- check out this website! Great ideas and resources!


Happy Friday! Love, Kristen

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