Week 2 Recap- MNB Challenge

Week 2 Recap – Move, Nourish, Believe Challenge —By Courtney

As week 2 of Lorna Jane’s Move, Nourish, Believe Challenge comes to an end – I realized how much more difficult it is for me to focus on healthy eating then working out.  The challenges for this week included:

2/10: Go Meatless – Skip meat today! Try vegetarian/vegan meals.

2/11: TYLTW! – Take Your Lunch to Work today! Choose a recipe from movenourishbelieve.com to inspire your packed lunch!

2/12: Write it down! – Journal your food today and share your WIAW with us!

2/13: Smoothie Day! – Happy Thirsty Thursday! Make a healthy smoothie today!

2/14: Go Raw Friday! – Choose a recipe from movenourishbelieve.com and go raw!

While I successfully completed all the tasks, I had to think and plan my week out a little more than normal.  I had to make sure I had all the ingredients for my recipes and snacks from the Move Nourish Believe website.   This challenge was even more difficult for me because I am extremely busy at work this time of year and we often have lunch catered because we work through lunch.  While yes, it is very convenient to have lunch brought to you, it can also be terrible for the waistline.   While it is difficult to resist that fried chicken and mashed potatoes and mini snickers – I feel as though I did pretty well this week – in part because I wanted to keep on track with the MNB Challenge.  So thanks for keeping me in check Lorna Jane!

How do you “behave” during working hours when food is involved?  If you have any tips, please share!  I have a long busy season in front of me and need all the help I can get!

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