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Changing It Up – Keeping it Old School at the Track



In a quest to keep my workouts fresh, I decided to change things up with my Sunday workout.  Step 1 – you need to invite friends (enter Jimmy, Teen, her husband, and two cute kids).  Step 2 – find a nice locale where you can do what seem be to be crazy drills and no have people stare at you. Step 3 – work hard and have fun.  We took over a local high school track.  Having the lines on the field and bleachers were perfect!  So let me break down our workout for you:

Cone drill.  Place 4 cones in the square about 10 yards apart.  Starting in the back left hand corner, run the straight away, lateral side-side from the top left to the top right, backpedal from the top right to the back right, and then lateral side step back to the beginning.  Teen and I alternated 30 seconds each, for a total of 5 minutes.  While this sounds easy, this WILL get your heart rate up – trust me.

Football drill.  Jimmy strategically places various cones and Teen and I would alternate running routes.  No breaks for us – we run – catch the ball – and then sprint back to the QB.  This leaves practically no rest!  This is another great drill that keeps you working and having fun.

Jimmy’s Push-Up & Burpee Sprint Combo.  Jimmy placed cones about 20 yards apart.  Beginning at the goal line, sprint 20 yards and drop and do 10 pushups.  Sprint 20 more yards and do ten pushups.  Continue in this pattern until you have covered the entire football field.  If that wasn’t enough, Coach Jimmy then told us to sprint 20 yards and complete ten burpees for the entire length of the field.  Thanks for the extra burpees Jimmy – Teen and I really appreciated it.


Speed Chute. Nothing like a little speed chute work to make you feel like a true athlete. This is the Speed Chute we bought from Dick’s Sporting Goods.  We alternated 200 yards with/without the speed chute.  It’s been a couple months since we got in a true hard core track workout – so we were feeling this immediately.  Like any good track work out – if you do not HATE it, then you aren’t working hard enough.

Bleachers. No description needed, you get it.





Courtney’s Drill.  No fancy equipment needed for this one.  20 jumping jacks, 1 minute plank, 10 pushups, 1 minute plank, 20 alternating backward stepping lunges, 1 minute plank.


I think it was a great workout and we all had fun.  You should give it a try!  If nothing else, check out a speed chute – it will take your sprints to a whole new level of “fun”.

Let me know what you think about my old school track workout!  Have you done any of these drills before?  What drills do you incorporate into your workouts to keep things fresh?

Making fitness fun again – one workout at a time!



2 thoughts on “Changing It Up – Keeping it Old School at the Track

  1. OMG! I love the stacked plank picture. I love getting outside and working out. I can’t wait for spring here so I can get back outside! I bet you slept like a baby after this workout! Awesome!


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