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#mnbchallenge recap!


Move, Nourish, Believe Challenge – Week One Recap By the Dr. herself!

This is my first time participating in a challenge, and I must say – I really enjoyed it!  I think my husband also enjoyed getting involved by helping my think of creative ways to take the pics (thank you photog Jimmy!)  So here is my recap:

2/3: Sweat-it-out! -Show us your favorite way to sweat!

I have so many favorite ways to sweat…  But since it was Monday – I had to highlight one of my favorite group fitness classes – Circuit Training.  The instructor is awesome and each week designs a challenging circuit class.  This pic is of me and my running partner Teen pumping out mountain climbers on a medicine ball, which is not as easy as it sounds.  Hello, core strength!sweat with a freind

 2/4: Change it up! – Sweat a new way! Select a workout from and show us your post-sweat session selfie.

On Tuesday I did the 10 Minute Core Workout.  Wowza, lots of ab strength needed for this one.  But I still manage to smile through that side plank.



2/5: Let’s get planking! – Plank for at least five minutes today! You can split the planks up.

I forgot to get my plank on at the gym… so I was had to complete my planks at home while being tortured (i.e., licked to death) by my dog, Penny.  So I decided to get Penny involved by making her sit on my back while planking.  At first that 6 extra pounds didn’t feel like much…  but by minute four it was killer!plank

2/6: Buddy up! – Workout with a friend today!

Thursday mornings I teach BodyPump – so this was an easy challenge for me to complete.  I am working out with a class full of YMCA friends.

 2/7: Fave Friday! – Show us your five fitness favorites! Exercises, people, whatever gets you moving and motivated!

My fitness favs: (1) running with friends; (2) Sparkly headbands; (3) BodyFlow after a hard week of training; (4) my foam roller; and (5) New Asics!  My bonus item would be #1 in moderate temps (50-65 degrees).


So there was my week!  I am looking forward to next week’s “Nourish” challenge.  I am going to try to prepare and plan as much as possible.  I am really looking forward to Smoothie Thursday.  Hello chia seeds, welcome back into my routine!

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