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1/2 Training Update

This was a less then stellar week for me as I continue to train for the St. Michaels 1/2 Marathon. I know the race is still months away but I was hoping I would at least get through 2 weeks before completely missing every scheduled run! Sadly the only run I did get in this week was treadmill sprints on Tuesday. I did also attend my 1st hot yoga class (which I am now obsessed with) and the Friday afternoon spin class at my gym.

I typically do any longer runs on the weekends but there was zero fitness happening either day! I do not know if it was the cold, gloomy weather or simply the fact that I was tired from actually having to work a full week for a change.

As much as I enjoyed staying in my pajamas till after noon, I missed the feeling of getting a good work out in. I was starting to get mad at myself for being so lazy this weekend and then I came across this tweet and it immediately snapped me out of my funk


I wasn’t “hating” myself but I definitely wasn’t giving myself enough credit. I may have not run this weekend but I did spend some quality time with my husband, cuddled with my babies, cleaned the house, went to church and lots of other things- all things I like to do (except cleaning of course!)






This week in my Lorna Jane active diary it has a section to list my 3 top qualities, as well as what my friends and family think my top 3 qualities are. I have yet to ask my friends and family but I did fill out what I thought were my top 3 qualities:


I share this with you because you cannot fight who you are. My goal of this weekend was not to run, it was to relax, clean the house and go to church– all of which I did!

As my weekend comes to an end a new week is upon us. I am looking forward to hopefully going to hot yoga again, celebrating valentines day on Wednesday, finishing up my Joggermom virtual marathon, running a Valentines 5k race and completing week 2 of the Lorna Jane – move, nourish, believe challenge.

My training plan calls for 5 miles Tuesday, 4+ miles of intervals on Thursday, 5 Saturday and 10 Sunday.

I am sure my recap will not look much like what the plan calls for but as long as I am moving I am happy!


How is your training going? What advice do you have for me to help get back on track?
What are your top 3 qualities??
Did you participate in the mnbchallenge? If so, did you try any new workouts?




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