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Move-Nourish-Believe Week 1 Recap


It’s a new month, resolutions/ goals are well into the swing of things and Lorna Jane & Fit Approach have given us a challenge to not only feel good about ourselves but get moving and try some new things along the way.

Here is my recap of week 1:
Monday: Favorite way to sweat!

As much as I loath the treadmill, I do love treadmill sprints. You get on, get moving, and SWEAT! Here is a quick 25 minute treadmill sprint workout that is sure to get the blood flowing and sweat pouring! Each time I do these sprints I try and increase my sprinting speed or increase the amount of intervals. Give it a try and let me know what you think!


I was lucky enough to partake in my first Hot Yoga class on Monday as well. This is definitely my new favorite way to sweat! It was such a great first experience that I cannot wait to get back in that studio and get my hot yoga on!

Tuesday: Find a new way to sweat!

For this challenge I used a workout found in a little book that Lorna Jane packages with orders. I ripped it out and saved it because just as the name says, you can do it anywhere, anytime! Check it out:


I added this workout after my treadmill run and I really felt it in my core! This will definitely be added as a post treadmill run routine! Look at this sweaty selfie!!! Lorna Jane as tons of awesome little work outs if you are in a time crunch or want to try something new!


Wednesday: Plank it Out!

Today’s challenge asked is to plank for 5 minutes today! I love planking and contribute my quicker running times to this awesome core (really all body) workout. I broke my planks up and did 5- a minute each. Here is what my 5 minutes of planking looked like:


If you think holding a plank is hard try this 10 day plank challenge! You will feel yourself get stronger each day and maybe even become a plank junkie like me!


Day 4: sweat with a friend

Although I was looking forward to going to spin class with my brother something called life happened and I was not able to attend. Today’s challenge was simple: sweat with a friend however it was just not in cards for me. Instead I decided to make today my official rest day. Me and little man capitalized on me getting home early from work and took a little rest together. As much as I like a great work out, I love a great cuddle session! I have plenty of time to sweat over the weekend and will more than make up for it then!


Day 5: Fave Friday!


For today’s challenge we had to list our 5 favorite things. This was easy for me! My #1 is my family-My husband is my #1 supporter and allows me to jump from adventure to adventure without even asking why, when or how much. The best part about him being my supporter through all that I do is to see the impact it has on him. We inspire each other to be healthy, make good choices and set good examples for our children! My #2  &  #4 were other each ones- my Victoria Secret Cropped Yoga Pants & Sparkly Soul Head Band. If I am working out- I have these pants on and a Sparkly Headband. I just love them. They stay in place, are comfy and also reasonably priced! If you are shopping for new work out pants try these out! As for the head bands- they are perfect! They come in many different colors and either a thin band or a thick one. They are my go-to accessory if my hair is a mess, I am planning to get my sweat on or I just want to add some sparkly to my outfit! Again CHECK THEM OUT!

My #3 is a an awesome playlist. If I am running, taking a fitness class or just driving to the gym I love a good playlist. I need music to keep me going and hopefully make get to the end a little quicker! Some of my favorite go to songs are: Party in the USA/Miley Cyrus, The Man/ Aloe Blacc, Crazy Beautiful Life/ Ke$ha, It’s Alright/ Matt & Kim and many more. What are your favorite go to songs?

My last favorite things for this Friday is a goal to work towards and a touch of sunshine. I love goals- whether big, small or even just a goal for the day — Setting some sort of goal gives me drive to accomplish whatever it is that I need to do. If you read my past blog posts I am always involved in a challenge, commenting on my mileage for the year or talking about what I have planned for the next few months. These little goals all work together to keep me focused and working to be healthy, strong and an example for those around me. And as for the sunshine- I find that it makes everything better!

This week has been awesome. I have enjoyed sharing a little bit more about myself and showing you how I “MOVE”. Next week is about “nourishing” and I look forward to the challenges that come along with that. How has your week been? Did you do something different or work out with a friend? Be sure to check out all that Lorna Jane has to offer and maybe you will find yourself doing something new or read up on some new blogs at Fit Approach and see what all the awesome Sweat Pink Ambassadors have been up to! If you want to join in, click here and check this event out on facebook!

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