Freezing Temps and Deep Water

The Doc is in the house sharing her newest indooor workout!!! Check it out! We are literally in the middle of a polar vortex.  It’s crazy out there – schools are canceled, people are stuck in their houses all day and ordering pizza and Chinese food because they don’t/can’t go outside, and every Facebook status… Continue reading Freezing Temps and Deep Water

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5-miler, 5k and Shiny Medals!

Besides Summer break there is nothing more that I look forward than Christmas break! We typically have 2 weeks off school and for me it is always filled with Christmas shopping, lots of coffee drinking, the Today show and in the past year cuddling with Sweet baby Ray and Tanner Like the babes I did… Continue reading 5-miler, 5k and Shiny Medals!

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New Year and a NEW CONTRIBUTOR!!!

You may remember me mentioning my older, much wiser sister in past posts. She has always been an influence and supporter in my fitness journey and now she can be one for you as well! She teaches classes at her local gym and has agreed to help spread some of knowledge, fun and love here… Continue reading New Year and a NEW CONTRIBUTOR!!!

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Quick and Easy “Fit Friday” workout

My little town in southern Delaware is coated in snow so I decided to keep it quick and easy today. Check out my Fit Friday work out and make it as short, long, hard or easy as you’d like! What are you doing to make your Friday “Fit”?