Move-Nourish-Believe Challenge


Lorna Jane is at it again. Join me in the Move, Nourish, Believe Challenge that takes place throughout the month of February. The first day is Monday, February 3rd- check out the calendar below so you can start planning accordingly!


As you can see the challenge is easy and quite fun! As you complete each challenge and post to Twitter and/or Instagram be sure to use the hash tags: #sweatpink #mnbchallenge and tag: @fitapproach @lornajaneactive


20140121-111403.jpgSo you may wonder who or what is Lorna Jane? I wondered the same thing one time. Here is what Lorna Jane is all about:

“Lorna Jane is a world-leading activewear brand empowering women to live their best life through Active Living. Two decades after pioneering a revolution in fitness and fashion, our core identity remains the same. Lorna Jane is not simply a clothing label; it is a way of life.

“Our mission is to inspire women to live their best life through Active Living.”

 Lorna Jane is first in fitness and fashion; designed by active women, for active women. Merging expert craftsmanship and attention to detail, we are focused on being a specialist in activewear design, manufacturing and retail. Every month, we deliver sporty, sexy and stylish collections for modern women.

The total integration of our identity, behavior and philosophy allows us to uphold the essential promise of our brand: to provide on-trend activewear with superior hi-tech fabrication and construction to improve your performance, motivate you and inspire you to live your best life. Today, the activewear range has grown to include gym and sportswear, yoga and lifestyle clothing as well as intimates and accessories.


At heart we are an active, authentic and innovative brand. We are not anonymous. Our founder puts her name to the brand and continues to influence its direction. Inspired by the energetic spirit of Active Living, Lorna Jane believes women can have and do it all.”


I was introduced to Lorna Jane and her brand in an awesome way- a Twitter Party! During this Twitter party we talked about the upcoming Holidays, Fitness and all that other good stuff! I was lucky enough to win a $250.00 gift card to this awesome company! I ordered some fab workout clothes and wish I could wear my outfits all the time, but unofrtantly, wearing workout clothes would be frowned on as I teach MS Business! They are cute, functional and of course made to break a sweat in!

Along with my order I got the Lorna Jane 2014 Active Diary! The diary is awesome! It not only has lots of lines under each day to record all the things that need to get done, as well as workouts I completed– but it has motivational and inspirational pieces and pictures all throughout the diary! (That is where all these awesome pictures in the post came from) 🙂 I have enjoyed jotting down my plans for the week and workouts and races I hope to do. Along with the motivational pictures, it offers tid bits of information and reminders on beliving in yourself, being thankful and showing yourself some love- because lets get real we could all do that more!! It has a section where you can post your goals and even take a pledge to work towards your goals! This brief description does not do the diary justice- IT IS AWESOME! If you are looking for an organizer with style and motivation I highly recommend this one!


20140121-111432.jpg20140121-111409.jpg Now back to the challenge:

I do hope that you will join me as I take part in this challenge. If you would like to RSVP, simply visit this link


Even if you do not publically post pictures participating in small challenges like this are an easy way to stay accountable and work towards accomplishing something. I hope you enjoy following me as I participate and who knows, maybe I will even inspire you to do a little moving, nourishing and believing yourself!

*Disclaimer: besides winning the $250.00 gift card this post is 100% my opinion and sorry guys I love Lorna Jane so yes, it does look and sound like an ad 😉

2 thoughts on “Move-Nourish-Believe Challenge

  1. Congrats on winning that gift card! I love the info. It gives me more insight on the brand than i knew! I plan to join in on the challenge! I saw that active dairy and have been contemplating it. I have a 3 month one that I got from Blogilates and love it so far so I may get this one for the rest of the year!


    1. I really like the diary. It’s full of great little motivational ideas, challenges and all around inspiring pictures! It is bulkier than a normal “planner” but I kinda like that about it!


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